Hunter Biden Threatened an Assistant for Sex, Joe Biden Remains Silent


The saga of Hunter Biden continues to worsen. One of the most shocking revelations could come from The Daily Mail.

According to the report, President Joe Biden’s son threatened one of his assistants in order to secure sex from her over FaceTime, taking advantage of the fact that she was “cash-strapped” and trying to make a rent payment.

Hunter Biden threatened to withhold a cash-strapped female employee’s salary if she didn’t FaceTime him.

Hunter told Hunter that Hunter was struggling to pay rent. He sent him shocking texts.

The woman, who has chosen not to identify, worked as an assistant at Hunter’s law firm, Owasco, in 2018 and 2019. She is the fourth employee he is known to have had a sexual relationship with.

Hunter Biden is a predator.

He’s not just a troubled man who dealt with an addiction problem. He’s a sociopathic degenerate who sought out and preyed on women nearly half his age. He used his position of power to secure sexual relationships with staffers, had multiple affairs (including with his brother’s wife and her sister), and then tried to skip out on child support payments when he got one of the women he abused pregnant.

The Left will reply by saying that Hunter Biden won’t run for office. How an individual reacts to dishonest behavior is important.

It’s not enough to say that Hunter Biden doesn’t run for president. It seems tacitly okay to not do so considering Hunter Biden can fly on Air Force One without any concern for his family’s financial situation.

There has been much talk in 2020 about the supposed honor and decency of the Biden family. The refusal to acknowledge Hunter Biden’s abuses by President or his wife is a grave moral failing, considering that these are the same people who divorced their young granddaughter due to their son’s actions.

Joe Biden and Jill Biden have stood by their son through the entire ordeal pretending that he was misunderstood. The Bidens chose the second route and it has proven that they are not decent people.