Hunter Biden Tried to Sell Intelligence on Russian Oligarchs


Uncovering a newly leaked email raises serious questions about Hunter Biden’s business dealings, and the extent to which he had access to classified information.

Joe Biden is currently involved in a scandal over his illegal possession and use of classified materials dating back to his time in the US Senate. The email is from 2011 and concerns the president’s son trying to sell intelligence about Russian oligarchs.

The report is available at the New York Post.

According to The Post’s October 2021 exclusive report, Hunter sold intelligence on Russian oligarchs to Alcoa Inc. in exchange for $55,000 according to documents.

Hunter Biden was the father of former President Barack Obama and offered to perform a statistical analysis of corporate and political risks, elite networks and Oleg Deripaska (Russian CEO of Basic Element and United company RUSAL). This was just after Alcoa had signed a metal supply deal.

Hunter Biden offered the company also a “list elites in Russia of similar rank, map of [Deripaska] networks based upon frequency of interaction with selected elites or countries.”

Recent revelations about Hunter Biden’s access to Delaware’s lakefront home have made the proposal more scrutinized. There, secret papers dating back to his father as vice president were found in a garage basement and library. This was also combined with Republicans taking control of Congress.

It is obvious that Hunter Biden was able to provide detailed intelligence about Russian oligarchs. This included a map of OlegDeripaska’s networks. This is the type of information that a normal American, regardless of how connected, would not have. It’s actually the type of information that would require a government intelligence apparatus and the kind you’d find during classified intelligence briefings.

Who took classified intelligence briefings, and stored them in the house Hunter Biden lived in? Joe Biden would be that. This looks awful.

Not the only email that appears suspicious to the aluminum company, however. RedState previously reported that another email was sent to Hunter Biden right before he joined the board at Ukrainian gas company Burisma, making $83,000 per month. It included a 22-point assessment that provided detailed information about Russian operations in Donetsk.

Where did Hunter Biden obtain this information again? Is it possible to believe that a drug-addled degenerate ran some sort of legal intelligence ring, or are we to believe otherwise? Occam’s razor suggests that this is unlikely. The most probable explanation is that he obtained it from his father who was just so happen to be spreading classified information throughout his home and office. It would be up to Hunter Biden to determine if Joe Biden gave Hunter the information or if Hunter’s son just rummaged through his stuff unknowingly.

House Republicans are already preparing to dig into this. But it shouldn’t be a matter for a political body. This must be taken seriously by the DOJ. It is possible to bet that they will, but it is a fool’s game.