Finally, Ilhan Omar Officially Gets the Boot


Finally, Democrats have learned what consequences are.

Rep. Ilhanomar was removed from the House foreign affairs committee following a heated and often hysterical battle on the House floor. Because of her long and unapologetic history with anti-Semitic remarks, the controversial congresswoman was kicked out. By falsely accusing Israel of being an “apartheid” state, she has also damaged relations with America, which is a crucial ally.

Multiple Republicans had stated that Omar should be removed, but all of the dissenters changed their minds. This includes Rep. Nancy Mace and Rep. Ken Buck who both criticized Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s plan to expel Omar. It will be fascinating to find out what made them change their minds.

It didn’t matter what it was, it was clear that McCarthy has greater control over the caucus than initially thought. He’s also proven himself to be a whip. It is also evident that Republicans are united in requiring Democrats to follow the rules Nancy Pelosi established during the previous Congress. This is a positive development for the party’s somewhat disillusioned base.