Hunter Biden Uses Joe as Excuse to Pay Less Child Support


Hunter Biden, like his father, is a pretty evil human being.

Hunter is fighting with Navy Joan Roberts the mother of his daughter who is four years old, saying that he cannot afford to pay child support. The family’s reaction to her is disgusting. Joe Biden refused to acknowledge her as his granddaughter. Biden refused to mention her at an event in the White House where he spoke with children about his grandchildren. The White House would not even comment on his granddaughter. She is a non-entity in Biden’s eyes.

Hunter Biden, as my colleague described, has tried to claim poverty in order to reduce child support payments, but he is still living a high-flying lifestyle.

One more thing I thought was so ridiculous and funny, I had to share. Hunter’s lawyers claim that Hunter is so broke that, when he traveled to Ireland with his dad, he had to sleep on a cot inside his father’s bedroom. Seriously, guys? What are you trying?

Peter Doocy, Fox’s Peter Doocy, explains it.

Joe or Hunter would have paid for the cost to stay in the hotel. Didn’t Joe fly on Air Force One, or was it another plane? See the receipts. I’m willing to bet that it didn’t happen. What was he there for, besides getting a trip free and acting as Daddy’s handler, in the first place? It’s ridiculous to claim that this is a sign of “poverty”.

Biden’s attorneys told the court that the president’s son who had made millions in the last decade from deals and board positions with foreign companies, has now no salary. His Porsche was repossessed and he was forced to sleep in his father’s room on a cot during a recent trip to Dublin as a presidential candidate. The court heard that he has taken financial assistance from Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris.

He was supposed to pay $20,000 per month by 2020. But now, while standing next to Abbe Lowell, his super-expensive lawyer, he claims he doesn’t have it. Even claiming that his Porsche has been repossessed.

Hunter lives in a “resort-style” “enchanting” mansion located in the exclusive celebrity enclave of Malibu. We also pay $30,000 per month for Hunter Biden to be protected by the Secret Service in this swanky area. He’s also supposedly earning thousands of dollars from his art. The judge had to criticize his team on Monday for not providing the information required. She ordered Hunter after Roberts’ lawyer Clinton Lancaster said he had provided “incomplete” answers, to answer written questions regarding his money, including his investments, art sales, and financial transactions.

Hunter’s Team – The Judge said that Hunter’s Team was not giving complete answers. He noted, “The ability of redaction is somewhat abused.” Hunters’ team tried to avoid naming the purchasers of the art by claiming they did not know due to the deal negotiated by the White House. But remember, the White House does not have any involvement in Hunter’s company and there is no conflict. Even refusing to estimate the value of the art, they claimed that it was his sole source of income. He claims that it’s his sole income, but doesn’t or won’t tell you how much. Man, come on! It doesn’t smell right.

Americans didn’t buy this for a hot minute. Twitter was ablaze with mockery of the claim.

Greta van Susteren, too, called it nonsense.

Hunter, pay for your kid with some conscience.