Hunter Biden’s Lawyers to Meet DOJ While Federal Probe Scrutiny Intensifies


Two federal law enforcement officials who are familiar with the situation say that Hunter Biden’s attorneys will meet next week with Department of Justice officials, including Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss.

The meeting was requested weeks ago by Biden’s lawyers and has nothing to do with the recent revelations of a whistleblower about the mishandling of the investigation into Biden’s business dealings.

According to a source who was briefed about the issue, Biden’s lawyers will meet Mr. Weiss who has led the DOJ investigation since 2018, and career DOJ, officials.

Biden is reportedly being investigated over two misdemeanor charges of tax filing, a felony charge of tax evasion, and a charge of false statement regarding a gun acquisition.

A source told us that the U.S. attorney was not preparing to make a quick decision about whether or not to prosecute Hunter Biden.

A whistleblower IRS special agent, whose identity is not public, claimed earlier this week that “clear conflict of interests” were not mitigated during the probe, leading Republicans to accuse the Biden administration of obstruction of justice.

The White House dismissed the allegations of the whistleblower and insisted that there was no “political involvement” by the Biden administration regarding the investigation into the younger Biden.

The White House’s spokesman Ian Sams said on Thursday that “since he assumed office, and consistent with his election promise that he will restore the independence of Justice Department in decision-making regarding criminal investigations, President Biden made it clear that this issue would be handled by the Justice Department independently, under the direction of a U.S. attorney appointed by the former President Trump, without any political interference from the White House.”

In December 2020, we reported that Biden had been the subject of a grand-jury investigation, prompted in part by Suspicious Activity Reports regarding suspicious foreign transactions.

He has not been charged with any crimes yet.