Passenger Throws Epic Tantrum Over Crying Baby on Plane


On a Southwest Airlines flight between Baltimore and Fort Lauderdale, a screaming man had a massive meltdown screaming “I am in a tin can with a baby”.

Most people who have children can sympathize to a certain extent with this guy. This particular rant, however, was out of proportion and beyond the pale. The guy was in a situation that required a bit of understanding. He complained that a crying child woke him up from his nap, and then cried for 40 minutes.

He said, “I was wearing headphones.”

He also complained to the flight attendants about how he “paid for a flight ticket for a f—ing comfortable flight” which was then disrupted by the crying baby.

The man can be heard and seen yelling: “We are in a f—ing tin-can with a baby inside a god—-n echo chamber. And you want to tell me that I’m f—ing OK?”

Fox News

According to TMX, the flight was diverted to Orlando International Airport.

Grabowski said that the man was angry when the plane landed and refused to leave his chair, forcing all passengers to disembark.

The other passengers in the TikTok clip appeared to be both shocked and amused at the man’s behavior.

Grabowski, a reporter for TMX, said that “he tried to plead his cause” by claiming he was entitled to yell as there were two adults and a crying baby with him. He shouldn’t be disturbed.

Charlotte Cripps writes in The Independent that she is right. “Stop screaming at babies on airplanes – no one has the right to a ‘child-free existence’.” Cripps describes her experience of flying with infants and children.

I don’t even know where or who the parents of the baby are. Hopefully, the baby is sleeping. But, I’m sure they’re still reeling and feeling as helpless as I did over the baby screaming in the air.

In 2019, we hit air turbulence on a flight from London to Dubai. I had to wake up my newborn baby Liberty, who was then only a few months old, out of the airplane cot that slots into the wall. My toddler Lola, then just two years old, had a meltdown when the Paw Patrol apps on her iPad expired.

It is difficult to be a parent in any circumstance.

My message is loud and clear. People don’t deserve to live without children. Stop screaming at babies on planes. No parent can help it if our children cry on planes. You can’t always leave your children at home.

I know that getting a night of good sleep is essential for your mental health, but it is even worse to be kept awake by someone else’s baby.

People need to realize that children exist, too. If they are really against it, they might want to make other accommodations, like flying business class. Noise-canceling headphones can also reduce the volume of crying.

The same thing I say about parents who take their children to church, to the ballgame, to the movie theater, etc. Be considerate of others. Ms. Cripps might be a single mother who has to travel for work, and in that case, she is forced to bring her children along. What about the parents who are flying with the screaming child to Florida? Could they have waited until the baby was older to fly? Is it necessary that they bring a baby on board?

Common sense and common courtesy could have prevented the outburst shown in the video.