Illinois Landlords Must Rent to Illegal Immigrants or Face Fines


Imagine a situation in which millions invade a nation in violation of federal laws, and then receive benefits from the government of the country that are greater than those available to most of the citizens of the country. It sounds insane, doesn’t it? It would be.

Because it is.

Illinois landlords are required to rent out or sell their property to illegal aliens starting January 1, 2024. Illinois Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who signed SB 1817 in law late in June, will include “protections for housing in Illinois Human Rights Act regarding immigration status protection as well as discriminatory advertising.”

Did I mention Illinois passed legislation that Pritzker signed, extending the standard driver’s license privileges to illegal immigrants? You’re probably shocked and amazed.

Pritzker stated in a press release:

This legislation is an important step towards eliminating the barriers that undocumented migrants face to achieving their dreams. We are ensuring that every eligible person can get a license. This will make our roads safer and reduce stigma.

It’s the word “equitable” again.

The left uses “Equity” as its main excuse to do everything it can to destroy America, as we (knew?) knew it. it. The left is aiming to transform America into a dystopian world where wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong. They want to rewrite U.S. History, tear down statues, rename buildings and turn the wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr. upside-down. The radical left has a clear goal.

Ann Gillespie, a Democrat from Illinois, led the effort to extend housing rights to illegal immigrants, claiming absurdly that the bill would ensure that illegals weren’t “unjustly refused housing.”

This law establishes clear boundaries that protect the rights of immigrants and ensures that financial institutions and service providers are not allowed to engage in discriminatory practices. We are removing barriers to immigrants settling in our communities and contributing to them.

Here’s one of my favorites: “A person’s past should not disqualify him or her from purchasing property or renting it.” This ridiculous statement has all sorts of problems, from legal to credit risk issues to property values.

It’s no secret that if Democrats believed the majority of illegal immigrants would vote Republican if they were ever allowed to vote, then every Democrat politician would rush to our southern border and lock arms in a desperate effort to keep these people out of the United States.

A hyperbolic statement? Yes. A valid point? You bet.