Bidenomics: What the Fact-Checkers Are Saying About Biden’s Lies


Joe Biden’s false statements about the economy are so numerous that I cannot even keep track.

Biden has been busted on it many times. Sometimes it’s so atrocious that even liberal media outlets like the Washington Post give him a “bottomless Pinocchio,” such as for his untrue claim that he cut the deficit by $1.7 trillion. But he still shows no shame and keeps repeating things that are just demonstrably untrue.

Biden, or maybe we should say whoever is behind “his” Twitter account, made a false statement about real wages.

Biden claimed falsely that “right now, the real wages of the average American worker are higher than they were before the pandemic. Lower wage workers have seen the biggest gains.” “That’s Bidenomics.”

It’s true, “Bidenomics”, as it appears to be called, is based on false claims.

Let’s start with the terrible grammar. Was this at 4 p.m., after Joe Biden’s usual “early lid time”? If it were true (which it wasn’t), it should have said “Real wages…are…higher.”

Twitter Community Notes, however, was not amused by this Biden rubbish.

A factual error is contained in the tweet’s claim regarding real wages.

When the US COVID Lockdowns began on 3/15/20, real wages adjusted for inflation were $11.15.

As of 7/16/23, the real wage AFI is $11.05.

The real wages of AFI are lower (not higher than before the pandemic).

Tommy Piggott, RNC Rapid Reaction Director, explained that prices and wages have increased by 16.6 percent. “That’s Bidenomics.”

Biden’s excessive spending is partly to blame for the record inflation rates that he achieved.

Bidenomics is defined by 40 years of high inflation, record drops in labor productivity, anemic growth, increasing credit card debts, rising interest rates and insipid participation in the labor force, as well as onerous regulations, falling real wages, and runaway government borrowing and printing money,” EJ Anthony, a research associate for the Grover M. Hermann Center on the Federal Budget at the Heritage Foundation, told Fox News Digital. “Bidenomics is a failure, distilled down to one word.”

Desmond Lachman is a senior fellow with the American Enterprise Institute. He told Fox News Digital that “they spend like drunken sailors – this is what causes problems.”

Even though inflation has decreased, it is still higher than when Biden took office. Now it’s at three percent, but it was nine percent. 90% of voters are concerned about the economy and inflation. Biden’s approval rating for the economy is only 32 percent, and 74 percent of Americans believe that we are going in the wrong direction under Biden.

The Community Notes, created by Twitter’s Elon Musk, were praised for giving people a way to hold politicians such as Biden accountable in real-time. As Biden got pushed into the next week, many people explained how they had suffered under “Bidenomics”, which was not what Biden hoped for. Many people said they were forced to work two or even three jobs to make ends meet under Biden, and that the cost of everything was higher.

Even Roseanne Barr lauded the busting of Biden.