Illinois Quadruple Murder: Police Say Killings Were Targeted


It is not a news item in itself that crime has increased in blue cities under Democrat leadership. Americans have had to accept this over the past three years. With the ending of cash bail in Illinois, we can expect to see an increase in crime in that state. The incident that occurred on Sunday was not your average street crime. It is becoming a part of American society.

In Romeoville, Ill., police went to a home on a welfare check, only to discover a quadruple murder. ABC7 in Chicago reported that Roberto Rolon, Zoraida Bartolomei, and two children were shot, along with three dogs. Neighbors noted that the family kept to themselves and that no one ever saw the children playing outside.

Fox News reported that Romeoville Police Department deputy chief Chris Burne stated at a press conference on Tuesday, “Our investigators and detectives have spent the past 36 hours gathering a huge amount of evidence.” We were able to determine that this wasn’t a random event and that there was no reason for a “shelter-in-place” order. He also added that it was not a suicide murder.

The incident is being investigated by police as a possible murder. Fox reported that Rachel Kinder is the Superintendent of Valley View School district and released the following statement regarding the two children who attended Robert C. Hill Elementary School:

We inform you with great sadness of a recent loss in our VVSD community. On September 18, 2023, two of our R.C. Hill Elementary School students tragically died in an act of senseless gun violence in Romeoville. The violent incident that occurred and the tragic loss of life will raise many questions, concerns, and emotions for our entire school. Romeoville Police Department and the Village Romeoville will be the primary source of information on this issue. According to the Romeoville Police Department, the investigation is in its initial stages. To maintain the integrity and the sensitive nature of the investigation at this point, we will not release any further details.

The tragedy is an act of gun violence in that there was at least one firearm involved. This was not a random shooting on the street during a robbery gone wrong. In their own home, three dogs, two adults, and two children were killed. The comment boards are flooded with people claiming that the murders were meant to “send out a message” and that they have “cartel written all over them.” This is all conjecture until the police announce one way or another. The nature of the crime indicates that this was not an invasion of privacy that went horribly wrong.

The Daily Caller reports that Joe Biden will announce on Friday a new federal agency, designed to specifically combat gun violence. Gun control advocates have been pushing Biden to establish such an agency ever since his election, according to the outlet. In the last three decades, the violence and lawlessness have only increased as progressive city leaders asserted control. Gun rights activists will argue that government overreach could lead to law-abiding people losing their right to ownership.

Even a federal agency or gun laws would not stop murders like the one that took Roberto Rolon and Zoraida Bartolomei’s lives, along with their two children. It is important to mourn and express outrage. There should be arrests, but also mourning and outrage. When the perpetrator or perpetrators are found, it is likely that we will discover there should have already been arrests and prison sentences. Innocent people suffer when law and order are ignored. The perpetrators of these atrocities did not even give a thought to the laws, or a federal agency. They have no regard for the human life.