Illinois Taxpayers Shocked: Are Undocumented Immigrants Still Getting $9K Rent Handouts?


Does Illinois still offer illegal aliens up to up-to-$9,000 in rental assistance to help them pay their rent? Since the program was revealed in October, it is likely that Illinois still offers rental assistance to illegal aliens up to $9,000 per year. Illinois, a Democrat-run state, refuses to take its lessons to heart even though it has no money to support its woke programs.

Chicago residents are becoming increasingly angry at the unaffordable and destructive mass of migrants who keep flooding into the sanctuary City. But neither the city’s Democrat administration nor the Democrats in Illinois will face the facts. The Epoch Times published this report in October, despite the Chicago homelessness crisis and budget crisis.

Chicago’s illegal immigrant population is now eligible for up to $9,000 of rental assistance, under a state-run program. This includes money to furnish their new homes as the number of homeless Americans on the streets of the city continues to rise.

According to officials, the state of Illinois contributed $38 million to the program while the city allocated $4 million. According to the report, the plan covers both rented apartments for illegal immigrants as well as homes. It also includes money for moving in and for setting up the new apartments.

The fact that federal and local governments give money to illegals who break the law is disgusting, but it’s even worse when they do this using taxpayer money. We hope Illinoisans and Chicagoans will remember this financial and political abuse at the next election.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is suing the bus companies the Republican-run Texas state contracted to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary city Chicago. This is a reasonable Texas response to the migrant invasion. However, he will not name the true culprit: the Biden Administration.

Chicago does not have enough money to pay for illegal aliens’ furniture and housing. Chicago’s budget shortfall for 2024 is $538 million, with more than a quarter of that amount being tied to the migrant crisis.

In October, the Democrat Governor of Illinois complained that he required more federal assistance to deal with “untenable” migrant crises in his state. The crisis will only worsen because Democrats who are woke are committed to illegal immigration.

House Republicans tweeted on Dec. 11th that the Biden administration released a staggering 5,000 illegal immigrants every day. Border Patrol agents are essentially welcome committees. However, an unknown number of criminals, terrorists, and foreign agents, including a possible invasion of Chinese Communists, are among migrants. They’re spreading out all over the country.

Chicagoans, and you too, are funding criminals as Americans suffer. Joe Biden’s America is a hideous place.