Illinois Trooper Shot in Routine Traffic Stop Makes Miracle Recovery


A Chicago murder suspect shot and beat an Illinois state trooper during a traffic stop. The trooper is now recovering from his injuries.

Kris Chapman Green, the mother of Dakotah Chapman Green, gave an update to “FOX & Friends First” on Friday, about her son’s progress. She explained that his doctors and nurses were “shocked,” at how well he has recovered since the attack.

A dashcam video captured the horrific moment a Chicago resident fired on a state police officer last week in Springfield.

Cristobal Santana was stopped by Chapman Green on October 24, just before 11 p.m.

Santana is seen getting out of his vehicle and exchanging gunfire with Chapman Green. Santana is said to have fired 10 shots at least and hit the officer multiple times, according to police.

Officials stated that Santana defeated Chapman-Green causing facial injuries, a fractured skull, and bleeding on the brain.

Kris says that despite the brutal attack, her son’s recovery has surprised doctors, and she calls it a miracle.

She told me that Kody was receiving inpatient rehabilitation at a local facility.

Kris explained that her son was now walking with crutches. “The doctors and nurses are all shocked at how quickly he is recovering,” she said.

She described the incident as “heartbreaking,” and said that the suspect had a concealed gun “underneath his leg.”

As you can see, Dakotah started to back up. Then it went on from there.

Santana, who was struck by a car of a police officer in the incident, was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Santana was ordered to be detained in the Sangamon County Jail after he left the hospital.

Santana has also been suspected of the murder of an ex-girlfriend who was murdered in Chicago.

Kris stated that her son has wanted to become a state trooper ever since he was in high school. Even after the attack, he still wants to join the force.

She said, “This is exactly what he wants to do.”