Who Said No To A Ceasefire With Hamas?


It’s not surprising that Rashida Tlain, a Hamas-loving Congresswoman from Michigan, posted on Facebook a 90-second video featuring the genocidal Hamas slogan, “from the River to the Sea.” This is a clever code for “the eradication of Israel and all Jews we can find.” The Hamas Charter is the source of all this information, which Tlaib will know front, back, and center.

She then accused the Biden Administration of supporting Israeli “genocide,” against Gaza. This is a clever trick, considering that Hamas runs Gaza — and without any objections from Gazans. This is Diplo-speak, which means “Tlaib has no idea what she’s saying.”

All of this is routine and hardly newsworthy. It’s become a given that Tlaib will take the side of the murderers if they are out there.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is another one. He’s a socialist who got his start during the Cold War in the 1980s. Hillary Clinton was criticized by him in 2016 for not mentioning Palestinian rights when she spoke to an Israeli lobbying group. Perhaps that’s why Al Jazeera scolded Sanders last week for refusing to join “progressives” like Tlaib in Congress in demanding a Gaza ceasefire.

The pressure, international and even domestic, is building. On Saturday, reportedly “tens of thousands” marched in DC for Free Palestine. “We are calling for an immediate ceasefire, we are calling for an end to US military aid to Israel, and we are calling to lift the siege on Gaza.”

It’s hard to tell if they all harbor murderous intent, but it is impossible to be sure.

On one banner, it was stated that the Free Palestine Movement is “antiracist, profeminist and pro-Palestine”. I wonder how many anti-racists are willing to kill Jews.

The anchor of CNN’s State of the Union, Dana Bash, asked: “Some of your fellow progressives believe that a full-on truce is needed, which would require both sides to agree to stop the fighting. If not, why? ”

Sanders answered without hesitation: “I don’t know how you could have a ceasefire permanent with an organization such as Hamas which is dedicated to chaos, turmoil, and the destruction of Israel. ”

Sanders is right in both cases. Kudus for this one.