In Memphis, Another Mass Shooting Is Getting Memorialized


Ten people were shot at Memphis’ Live Lounge on Sunday morning around 12:43 AM. Ten other people were hurt and one was killed in the shooting at Memphis’ Live Lounge.

While details of the shooting remain unclear, police report that five survivors were discharged from the hospital. Five survivors are listed as being “critically ill”.

Julius Freeman, 21, surrendered to police and admitted he was the getaway driver. He claimed he stopped the car he was driving, retrieved a rifle from the trunk, and handed it to a gunman. Freeman was charged with:

  • Five counts of attempted facilitation of second-degree murder
  • Five counts of possession of a firearm to commit a dangerous felony
  • Facilitation of second-degree murderThe other two suspects, one of whom is said to have been wounded by gunfire, have not yet been arrested.

The Memphis shooting will be forgotten, along with the massacre at Michigan State University (MSU), where three people died and five were seriously injured. The shooters weren’t dressed in MAGA hats and were not white supremacists.

The majority of mass shooters aren’t white.

Carol Siemon was a Soros-backed District attorney who had released the MSU shooter from a prior gun charge. He would not have been able to buy the gun he used for eight victims if convicted.

The Memphis shooting on Saturday was one of ten mass shootings. It had 11 victims but it wasn’t the most deadly.

There have been 82 mass shootings in 2023. More importantly, 150 self-defensive shootings have also occurred in 2023, but these events are rarely covered by the media.

The deadliest shooting occurred when a white male in the small town of Coldwater, Miss., shot and killed six people, including his ex-wife and her father.

Last weekend’s ten mass shootings left 43 people injured and 13 dead.