Suspect in Murder of Los Angeles Bishop Taken Into Custody


According to reports, David O’Connell was Auxiliary Bishop of the Arch Diocese Los Angeles. O’Connell was found dead at his home on Saturday afternoon. He was beloved by the community for his prolife activism. His death shocked the entire community.

As police investigate the shooting, the Catholic community of Los Angeles has been reflecting on its impact.
“I am brokenhearted. I’ve been crying the past few days, knowing that he’s not here to share my inspiration and prayers with me,” Ramona Torres (a parishioner) said.

Gabriela Gil, another parishioner stated that she was deeply saddened at the loss of her husband. He is one of the most dear to me.

Police say that they now have a suspect in custody. But, police say that they have a suspect in custody.

Fox News reported that a suspect was arrested by California police in connection to the shooting death of Catholic Bishop David O’Connell. Fox News was told this by law enforcement sources.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is yet to provide any information about the identity or whereabouts of the individual.

Monday afternoon, the Sheriff’s Department tweeted this:

Bishop O’Connell is an inspiration to many.

We’re here to help. We send our best wishes and thoughts to you.

Monday evening, 6:00 PM Eastern time has been set for a press conference.