In the Biden Administration, Incompetent Cabinet Members Is a Feature, Not a Bug


Transportation. Energy. Labor. These are the key areas to our nation’s Infrastructure and what unifies America. I was able to see from a bird’s eye view how much we depend on our transportation systems to function smoothly and efficiently, as well as to be safe and maintainable. Why has the Biden Administration promoted incompetent individuals to these important positions?

The curious mind wants to know.

Remember Samuel Brinton, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy? We’d all rather forget him, but his incompetence is a shining example, along with the Biden administration agenda of promoting equity and diversity above actual competence and expertise.

Brinton proudly declared his non-binary identity. I know many smart people who have a great deal of experience. They don’t brag about intelligence, sexual orientation or gender. People who are confident, competent, and smart do not need to brag about their intelligence.

Brinton was proud of all the above. Brinton, the first “gender-non-binary” official at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy wanted you to know he liked to cross-dress, wear makeup and used pronouns. He also had an Instagram to prove it. He spoke to Yahoo Life when he was appointed as Deputy Assistant Secratary for Spent Fuel & Waste Disposal:

Brinton, who spent years researching nuclear energy and how to best dispose of radioactive waste and nuclear material that came with it, became the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste disposal for the U.S. Department of Energy. She was the first openly transgender person to hold a federal government position.

“I cannot change my identity any more than anyone else can, but I can alter my openness.” Brinton told Yahoo Life that she is given the chance to serve her country in her own way. “I work on nuclear waste disposal, which requires transparency, honesty, and building trust,” Brinton said. “If I’m not myself, building relationships is really difficult.” I am proud to say I will not be the last openly genderfluid government employee.

Brinton’s downfall was due to his braggadocio. Brinton was quietly removed from his role as a government employee in December 2022. Brinton was not fired for incompetence but rather because he stole women’s bags from an airport twice on video.

This is not a joke.

Sam Brinton, a controversial Biden nuclear official who was recently accused of stealing women’s bags on at least two separate occasions, has now been fired, after felony charges against the “nonbinary” transgender were filed twice. Brinton was warned by a psychotherapist about his past behavior multiple times.

Vanity Fair did a fashion piece on Sam Brinton, where he posed with stolen designs from Tanzanian fashion designer Asyakhamsin. She traveled often between her home in Houston and Tanzania to wear her custom-made wardrobe.

Sam Brinton may be gone, but he is not forgotten. Despite the fact that government websites which once proudly displayed Sam Brinton’s profile have been scrubbed. It wasn’t incompetence (although, given enough time, this may have been true) but rather his corrupt fetishes that brought him down. Theft of women’s bags from airport carousels, then wearing your stolen goods in public. This is not a good idea. This is exactly the kind of person the Biden Administration chooses to fill executive positions.

It is important to understand that the handling of nuclear power is no joke. With America’s energy problems caused by Biden, this could be a game-changer in bringing America back to energy independence. Biden chose to have the person who is the least serious and dangerously deranged in terms of intel and government secrets as the face of the program.

It’s hard to believe this is a mere fluke. It speaks volumes that the Biden administration, out of all the Democrat candidates for Secretary of Transportation, chose to promote Pete Buttigieg, former South Bend mayor and failed presidential candidate, Mr. Howdy Doody.

Everyone knows that I’m not a fan of the former Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti. In my opinion, he would have been better off in prison than confirmed as ambassador to India. Biden’s choice of him as Transportation secretary would have appeared to be a good one. Garcetti was familiar with large-scale infrastructure, as the Los Angeles rail system was built under his leadership as City Councilman and Mayor. Garcetti has also had experience destroying things and trampling all over them. This is evident from the state he left his mayorship in.

Buttigieg’s record is a mess of incompetence. He has been stumbling, taking long holidays, and maternity leaves in the middle of train derailments and supply-chain crisis. It is clear Buttigieg doesn’t know his right hand from his left, and his deer-in-the-headlights, dumbfounded visage, while he emits talking points about MAGA Republicans and racist roads from his pie hole, is the last thing anyone wants to see when their flights have been canceled or another train crashes and spews hazardous waste in their town.

Here we are.

And Democrat legislators co-sign the foolishness. They gush over a request which is part of Secretary of Transportation’s job as if this was something unprecedented. I present Vermont Rep. Rosa DeLauro:

Rosa DeLauro, a Representative from New York City, praised Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s plan to invest in female test dummies. She called it an important step in the fight against “gender inequality.”

DeLauro refers to Buttigieg’s request made before Congress for $20 million from the Department of Transportation (DOT) budget proposal 2024. This money will be used to create the dummies.

While many would laugh at the Biden administration’s latest attempt to wokeism, DeLauro believes that the push for gender specific crash test dummies is a turning point in the fight for equal rights.

She told Buttigieg, at a House Appropriations Subcommittee meeting last week: “You plan to make significant investments to address roadway safety crises. This includes the funding that will accelerate the development of – this is a topic that I have written to you about. – the use of female crash test dummies.”

This will help to combat the gender inequality in vehicle safety and accident victims.

Herein lies tragedy: The person who is presenting this topic has made it seem like a non-serious subject. The administration may not realize it, but it is disproving the gender agenda lie: If gender was an interchangeable construct then why would we spend $20 million to create female dummies? Why do we need a separate category of crash test dummies for vehicle safety standards if there’s no difference in gender between males and women?

Make it make sense. But the absurd Buttigieg can’t.

Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of Energy, completes the Trifecta. Al Gore’s acolyte, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has always been an insufferable shill. She comes across as smug, sanctimonious and intolerant at every hearing or interview. It’s almost like she wonders why middle-America plebes expect more than the little attention she can give. Her latest turn? Her latest turn?

She talks about “clean energy” as if she is not the person responsible for stopping fracking in the United States. Consistent? Particularly in light of the four trips to Puerto Rico in a period of five months that she is required to account for by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee wrote to Granholm Tuesday, asking for more information about her travels. The Washington Free Beacon had reported that the energy secretary visited the island four times within five months. This included a visit of a week in February and a second during spring break.

In a Tuesday letter to Granholm, House Energy and Commerce Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R., Washington, and Rep. Morgan Griffith, R., Virginia, chairman of the oversight subcommittee, expressed concern about Granholm’s attention to her other duties.

The lawmakers demanded that Granholm turn over a “list itemized of expenses incurred for you and your accompanying staff during the duration your travels,” as well as “a list of official meetings and activities undertaken during your trips and all associated meeting minutes.”

The Department of Energy has defended this trip by pointing out that Granholm’s focus is on modernizing Puerto Rico’s power grid which was severely damaged following Hurricane Maria in 2017.

We’re still concerned six years and two administrations after the fact? What about a territory that has shown to corruptly misuse any assistance they receive? What’s more, when America’s power grid is struggling as well? Granholm is also suspect. She is as corrupt as incompetent.

The Senate hearing held last week, to confirm Julie Su as Secretary of Labor was another example of the Biden administration putting incompetence ahead of experience and accomplishments. RedState has outlined why Su is not the best choice for this position or any other administrative post. The fact that the Biden Administration continues to promote these types of people for executive-level positions in the cabinet shows that they do not care about maintaining the threads which hold the fabric together of the country’s economy, but are instead intent on tearing it apart.