16-Year-Old Driver Intentionally Runs Over 70-Year-Old Pedestrian While Listening to Murder Song


The police said that a 16-year-old driver in St. Cloud, Minnesota was “listening” to a murder song on Friday when he deliberately ran over a 70-year-old pedestrian, who later died.

NBC News, citing a news release from the police, reported that officers responded to a call about a vehicle striking a pedestrian shortly after 8 p.m. They found the victim unconscious.

Norbert John Olmscheid, a resident of St. Cloud, was then taken to the hospital, where he passed away from his injuries.

NBC News reported that Olmscheid was “walking along a path” before being hit by a vehicle driven by a 16-year-old boy from Sauk Rapids.

The network reported that the driver fled but was later arrested.

A police investigation revealed that Israel Muyaya Madimba had allegedly stolen a vehicle at the St. Cloud YMCA, located just a few blocks away, and saw the victim walking between 9th Avenue North and 6th Avenue North.

According to the network, the suspect “admitted that he intentionally drove onto the pedestrian path and struck the victim.”

According to the criminal complaint, the suspect admitted that he listened to a murder song and then struck the unwitting victim.

The filing stated that witnesses corroborated the account of the suspect, according to the Network, who added that officials have not yet determined the exact motive.

NBC News reported that Madimba was transferred to Stearns County Jail and then to a secure detention center for juveniles.

The Stearns County Attorney’s Office reported that Madimba appeared Monday in district court after being charged with murders of the first and second degree, according to the Network.

NBC News reported that the suspect was ordered to be held on $2 million unconditional bail or a $1 million conditional bond. The judge also ordered a competence examination.

It is not immediately apparent if Madimba has an attorney.

According to the Attorney’s Office, first-degree homicide carries a sentence of life imprisonment.