Iran Security Forces Open Fire in Metro Station While Police Beat Women in Subway Cars


As security forces wage a brutal war against the Iranian people, they continue to use violence and crackdowns to keep them in check.

Mahsa Amini (a 22-year-old Kurdish girl) was taken into custody for not covering her head properly with the hijab by the morality officers. It has been 2 months since she died. The young woman was beaten while in custody and eventually ended up in a hospital where she later died.

Since then, there has been a constant battle between the authorities trying to control the protests and the protesters who want to challenge the police and express their disapproval of the clerical fascist regime.

Organizers called for a three-day strike on Tuesday to remember the “Bloody Nove” of 2019, when hundreds died during protests against rising fuel prices.

“We’ll fight! We’ll die! “We’ll take Iran back!” could be heard from dozens of protestors chanting around a bonfire in a Tehran street.

In Tehran, police also opened fire on women who were burning hijabs in a metro station. The same station also has police pictured moving through train cars and brutally beating women who didn’t cover their heads.

The Iranian judiciary took action to stop the protests and sentenced five more people to death.

Wall Street Journal:

According to Mizan, the news agency of the judiciary, these three individuals were found guilty of corruption on earth and waging war with God. They were accused of alleged offenses including killing or injuring security personnel, damaging public property, and endangering national safety.

According to judiciary statements, Wednesday’s announcement brought the death penalty for protestors to at most five. However, scores more could face similar penalties.

State media reported Wednesday evening that two motorbike-riding gunmen shot at security officers with Kalashnikov rifles. Five people were killed.

Iran’s current President Ebrahim Raisi is no stranger to handing out death sentences. He picked up a real taste for murdering protesters at the end of the Iraq War when the panel he chaired, convened by Ayatollah Khomeini to rid his clerical fascist state of dissent, sentenced literally thousands of dissidents to death.

This soulless killer will not be merciful.

According to the Human Rights Activists News Agency (which documents allegations of Iranian human rights violations), nearly 16,000 people have been detained since the protests began. It’s not known how many are still in prison. According to HRANA, at least 348 protestors were killed in clashes against security forces, with 52 minors.

One of the people sentenced Wednesday was charged with killing a police officer and injuring others by running over them while driving. He was also convicted of the corruption of the earth. Two other people were found guilty of waging war against God in connection with the stabbing and torching of Pakdasht’s government building, as well as for blocking traffic and vandalism, Mizan news agency reported.

In Iran, there are no standards for evidence or rights for the accused. We don’t know if the charges are valid or not, as no evidence has been presented.

The protests will eventually stall once the leaders and jails are empty. For a year, Iran will be quiet until the next spark ignites passions and the cycle starts all over again.