Iranian Proxy Forces Attack US Base in Syria Following Retaliatory Airstrikes


A defense official confirmed today that seven rockets were launched by Iranian proxy forces at a U.S. military station in Northeast Syria as a retaliation towards the U.S.

Initial assessments have shown that there are no U.S. casualties and damage to the base near Al-Omar’s oil field.

A suspected Iranian-made drone killed a U.S. contractor Thursday. President Biden ordered a series of retaliatory strikes. Six more Americans were also hurt in the U.S. rocket attack. Eight Iranians were also killed.

Thursday’s Department of Defense statement said that an Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps UAV crashed into Hasakah in northeast Syria at 1:38 p.m. P.M. local. One U.S. contractor was also hurt in the attack.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (an opposition monitor of war), at least eight Iranian fighters were killed by American strikes.

Six Iranian-backed fighters died in an American airstrike against an arms depot in Harabesh, in the eastern city Deir el-Zour. Two more fighters were also killed in a second U.S. strike at a post near Mayadeen.

U.S. intelligence revealed that the UAV that crashed into a coalition base and killed the U.S. contractor, was Iranian in origin. The Pentagon confirmed that President Biden authorized military retaliation.

Lloyd J. Austin III, Secretary of Defense, stated that President Biden ordered U.S. Central Command forces to strike Syria’s facilities using the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Observatory reported another strike by the United States on a military base near Boukamal. It’s close to the border with Iraq.

Three servicemen and a contractor from the U.S were seriously injured in the initial attack. The three injured servicemen were taken to Coalition hospitals in Iraq. Two other wounded servicemen were treated immediately.

Secretary Austin stated that “As President Biden made it clear, I will do everything necessary to defend our people.” “We will always respond to any situation at any time and anywhere we choose. ” “No group can strike at our troops without due process. ”

He stated, “Our thoughts and prayers are with his family members and colleagues who lost their contractor as well as those who were hurt in the attack earlier this morning.”

According the Pentagon, the U.S. took proportionately and deliberate actions to reduce the risk of an escalation with its targeted responses.

The U.S. has approximately 900 troops in Syria.