Biden Gives Some Disturbing and Scary Answers at Ottawa Press Conference


Joe Biden is visiting Ottawa, Canada. He has made a mockery of himself and others before Canadians and the rest of the world. We have written about his previous meetings as well as his gaffe-ridden comments before Parliament, where he called on Canadians to applaud China before he corrected his mistake.

Then he held a press conference, which was full of lies and exaggeration with some troubling answers.

As usual, he started with a list of people he wanted to call.

It doesn’t always start well.

Listen to his answers and you will see that he lives in a fantasy universe where, when presented with evidence, nothing is as bad or as good as everyone else. He downplays every issue. Why? He thinks he is being challenged. This is something he has always struggled with. It’s frightening and disturbing, but it also endangers all of us.

He downplays Russia’s growing alliance with China. It’s scary to see his lack of knowledge.

He claims they are the “ones expanding allies”, even though Saudi Arabia is moving closer to Iran through the help of China and we are under attack by Iranian proxies. The reporter asks China and Russia what kind of commitment they can make.

Joe shouts, “Their trade has increased relative to what.” Um, Joe? Comparatively to the state it was before?

He claims that people “vastly exaggerate the issue.” He attempts to downplay it by saying that China has not yet given weapons to Russia [for Ukraine War] and then he whispers again. Let’s all just rest here, until the weapons are traded–talking about gender equality–as our enemies plot.

A quick Google search reveals that China provided Russia $12 million worth of drones since its invasion of Ukraine. Is Biden aware of this?

Is Joe able to see the meaning of this?

They are plotting to end U.S. dominance. This is evident by China’s efforts in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Biden was again asked about the bank collapses in the press conference. He downplayed it, not understanding why his policies led to inflation and then higher fed rates which contributed to the problem.

Biden claiming that everything is fine is similar to Jim Cramer declaring it will be okay. This is not comforting.

Illegal immigration was also something he lied about.

Because the numbers have been at records highs for a while, I don’t understand what Biden is talking about with “dedicated paths”. Biden and his staff seem completely clueless about the subject.

Joe thought he could get away by telling himself he had to go out to dinner.

Who is telling him what he should do? He is supposed to be the greatest man on the planet. He sounds almost as though he is being dictated to by his handlers.

The reporters attempted to sneak in a few more questions.

He refused to answer a question regarding why he delayed the Enbridge oil pipeline project.

I don’t think he even knows what they are talking about. It’s his anti energy policies.

The last question was about Iran proxy attacks. He asked if he would do anything after killing an American and wounding six more Americans.

He replied, “We are not going to stop.” This is absurd. What’s the matter? What are you going do?

He managed to stay on the podium, thanks to Trudeau’s assistance, who looked like a caretaker.