Is Hate for Gwyneth Paltrow Stronger Than Belief in Our Due Process?


Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is being sued for a collision on a ski mountain in Park City, Utah, that happened seven years ago. The plaintiff, Terry Sanderson, wants $3 million for what he says are injuries that destroyed his life.

Sanderson, who is 69 years old, has multiple health conditions, including partial blindness in his left eye, a fragile skull, and trouble hearing. He also suffered from a stroke and a broken knee from skiing. Sanderson claims Paltrow struck him from behind, inflicting four rib fractures as well as a severe concussion which left him with traumatic brain injuries.

Sanderson claims that Paltrow “bolted away” from Sanderson without ever checking if he was alright. Paltrow has a different story. Her lawyers claim that Sanderson met Paltrow on the slopes and Paltrow’s ski companion checked Sanderson out. She then helped Sanderson to her car and she went home to her family.

Only one eyewitness is a friend who was able to contradict the plaintiff’s testimony at his deposition. If I was a juror, I would not have considered him credible. He seemed to be trying to make up a story for the plaintiff, in hopes that no one will remember what he said during his deposition. The witness stated that Paltrow did not wear a helmet, goggles, or face covering five years ago. He now claims she was. He claimed that he and the plaintiff shared meals five years ago. He now claims that they didn’t eat together often… or did. You can see the video.

In addition to the sketchy eyewitness testimony, there is an email sent by Sanderson to his children titled, “I’m Famous”. It contains a link to something no longer available and claims its evidence. The daughter of the plaintiff replies that there was a GoPro video recording of the accident. However, that video is mysteriously gone. It is not known where it is.

The public seems to want Paltrow to lose, despite all of the evidence presented during the plaintiff’s trial. However, the defense has yet to present its case. Social media has a general consensus that Paltrow is an “elitist”, “snobbish,” or “snooty” movie star. This is largely due to what people interpret from her facial expressions. Others openly state that they don’t care whether she is at fault or not. They want her to pay.

What Paltrow sees in people’s faces, I don’t know. I see someone who is tired and anxious, and who would rather be in court fighting against what she believes to be a false allegation.

Although I am about to do something that won’t win me any friends, I want to ask you: When was the last time I avoided controversy? Let me tell you, I understand why you don’t like Gwyneth Paltrow. Apple is her name for a child. She believes nannies are necessary (and I know you would if you had one). My friend, who is a wealthy woman, spent a week in the Hamptons taking care of me while she did what she wanted. Paltrow is known for wearing clothes that are more expensive than your car, walking red carpets, and selling $2,000 yoga mats. She also seems to not know that Whole Foods sells food. Her greatest sin was selling a candle that smelled like her vagina.


It didn’t actually try to smell like genitalia, but instead smelled like patchouli, or as my cousin said, “aging hippie.” It got everyone talking about Goop and we still joke about it today. This is what makes Paltrow seem hilarious. Are they out of touch? Sure. After a few glasses of wine, I’m sure everyone is laughing.

After seeing some of the most bizarre lawyering I have ever seen, I started covering her trial. Steve Owens Paltrow’s lawyer is among the rudest and short-tempered I have ever seen. His outrageous attitude is truly hilarious, and he doesn’t even know it. He is telling the judge that he does not want any objections from the plaintiff’s lawyer. It’s almost as if he has the right to choose.

Although it’s a comedy, it doesn’t help Paltrow. The plaintiff’s lawyer, however, isn’t exactly sane. The plaintiff has a bizarre coughing problem. One wonders if there is some unknown strategy to interrupt key moments. It’s fascinating television, I’m not sure. It’s a refreshing break from the traumatic trials of murder we have all been watching. These are very low stakes.

We also get to see two wealthy people fight in public. Sanderson is a doctor who skis at Park City’s most expensive mountain, Utah. He also travels around the globe regularly. He isn’t an ordinary Joe who will be financially hurt if a Hollywood star doesn’t pay his tab. Sanderson actually traveled around the world after the crash which he claims destroyed his life and left him unable to enjoy any of it. His photographs from his trips to exotic places tell a different tale.

The lawyers representing the plaintiff have paid high-priced experts to testify that Sanderson’s injuries could only have occurred if he was hit from behind. I am sure that the defense attorney will have an expert next week to explain the opposite. Expert witnesses are not always trustworthy because they are paid to tell the story that the man signing the check wants.

Only the missing GoPro footage from the accident is evidence that could really prove this. It would be a miracle if the plaintiff owned it, and it proves he is telling the truth. Why didn’t he just sell it to TMZ at several hundred thousand dollars as any other person would? The evidence is clear. This boils down to “he said/she stated”.

However, it is quite common for celebrities to be sued by unscrupulous people as a way of grabbing cash. This is quite common and a risk of being famous. Celebrities are often covered by insurance companies to settle such cases. Donald Trump faces indictment over a settlement he made with Stormy Daniels for something similar. He tried to shake her down by threatening to tell everyone he was having an affair with her. She refused. It is not clear if he had sex with the woman, but it is quite common for famous people to pay off liars and grifters.

Paltrow refused to settle. Paltrow decided to take her case to court, which was allowed by her insurance company. In the knowledge that she will be ridiculed and made to feel unattractive, she is putting herself on display. Why? Why would she do that when a small payment could have made it disappear? There is no other explanation. She didn’t do it. Her conscience won’t let her admit guilt.

Any other explanation is absurd. It is worth considering. If Paltrow is right and Sanderson was hit by Paltrow, will her insurance company permit her to accept the risk of a larger jury award than a smaller, quicker settlement?

Her family would be horrified to see her drag their personal information out into the open knowing she was at fault. Her publicist would she? This doesn’t make sense to me. Occam’s Razor is correct. The simplest explanation is that Paltrow wasn’t at fault and wants the message to be clear that she isn’t a weak mark.

Sanderson’s symptoms are likely to be normal aging and related to his underlying medical conditions. It’s likely that the concussion and broken bones didn’t help. As we age, it’s harder to heal. This is why Sanderson should have looked into taking up swimming or golf as an alternative. I believe that he is responsible for his negligence in putting himself at such a high risk of injury. The law and jury might disagree if Paltrow is found responsible for the crash.

And sadly for Paltrow, that’s probably what will happen, despite no clear evidence of who hit who first. It seems to me that the public has made up its mind that Paltrow should pay because they don’t like her. She has a “resting bitch face,” she has too much money and leisure time, and the rest of us are having trouble buying eggs. She’s a convenient target of ire during a time of economic suffering because she represents what everyone wants and can’t have. The public envies Paltrow and so she must pay. EAT THE RICH and damn the facts. Justice is not blind. It’s vengeful and petty. They have decided they know her personally (though they don’t) and can read her facial expressions, and those expressions are what people imagine to have crossed the brow of Marie Antoinette as she laughed at the poor and mocked their empty bellies. All of that adds up to a guilty verdict in the eyes of the public (and, by extension, the jury since they, too, are members of the public).

This is dangerous. Paltrow’s civil case has a lower burden to prove, but recent murder cases have caused a famine in the stomachs of people who care about liberty. Recently, Attorney Joe Nierman spoke out on the Zachary Anderson guilty verdict based on thin circumstantial evidence. (Around the 7:15 mark.

These truths are so obvious that we consider ourselves so powerful and high-ranking. We believe all men are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Poppycock! It’s a lie! It is false. You will see that it is not how things work. It was a miracle that a child running for his life from those who wanted to kill him managed to win self-defense. We believe we are far superior to ourselves. We are a mess!

Neirman lamented the wide range of options the state has to convict someone, as well as the permissiveness displayed by the judges. This is all erasing the rights and freedoms of the accused. It is worth listening to. We need to have a better understanding of the rights of the accused and be concerned about innocent people being railroaded.

It is a dangerous time for any juror to stand in front of you, and that’s why I blame the #MeToo Movement. Americans believe that feelings are more important than facts. They believe that Alex Murdaugh committed it and are therefore guilty. They believe that Zachary Anderson was responsible for it. Paltrow could be the next victim if this continues. She is guilty of being unlikeable because everyone feels she is. It’s a good thing she isn’t facing criminal charges. A negative outcome will probably only cost her a few million.

How much will the American people have to pay if justice is used as a weapon for revenge? Ask the “insurrectionists” who have been languishing in prison for two years now, without ever being tried. Justice will take off her blindfold, and we don’t want to see what happens next.