Hillary Clinton Mocked For Cringy Video Promoting Foreign Policy Teaching Gig


Twitter mocked Columbia University’s video promoting Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new job as a foreign policy teacher.
Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs announced Wednesday that Clinton and Dean Keren Yarhi Yarhi Yarhi–Milo would co-instruct a course in the fall 2023 semester.

People react joyfully to Clinton’s news of his “return to running”. ”

This is wild. One person claims that she is running again.

Clinton is seen running into an office to meet Yarhi Milo in an attempt to make the pun.

Clinton exclaims, “Here is who I am,” as she enters the room.

“Hillary,” Yarhi-Milo replied.

Keren : “Well, that’s me. Clinton exclaims cheerily “I just arrived early for the class on foreign policies decision making.”

Yarhi–Milo then explains that the class doesn’t start until September.

Clinton replies, “Yeah, but I wanted to be prepared, Keren.” “And you know that in crisis situations one must always be prepared. ”

Yarhi–Milo praises Clinton because she is “more prepared than anyone” for the course.

Columbia College, Barnard College, and the University’s School of General Studies can apply to the duo for their new class “Inside The Situation Room”. ”

Yarhi-Milo aims to teach students “theory, strategy for political decision making.” ”

Clinton will talk about “what it was like inside the room during bin Laden’s raid, the Iran sanctions, and the Gaza ceasefire.” ”

Yarhi–Milo asks Clinton if she is available to answer difficult questions from students.

Clinton smiles and exclaims, “Bring on!” Clinton exclaims: “Bring it on! ”

According to the university’s press release students will be able “analyse and understand” the complex interplay between individual psychology, domestic politics, public opinion, bureaucracy, and other factors that influence international policy decisions. This includes using force, signaling and intelligence. It also includes its analysis and deployment of other statecraft tools.

This course will address many questions, such as whether personality, gender and emotions influence leaders’ decisions and whether public opinion can influence leaders’ decision-making.

Social media went wild for the video promotion. Twitter users mocked Clinton’s exaggerated enthusiasm, calling her a warmonger.

Glenn Greenwald, an independent journalist, tweeted the video from the university, saying, “The US official, aside from John Bolton – including Iraq and Libya – has urged more military actions over the past three decades than anyone else.” He also said that John Bolton, possibly the exception John Bolton, taught Columbia students a class called ‘Foreign Policy decision-Making. ” They’re thrilled!

Greenwald posted another video in the thread about Clinton’s reaction to learning that Muammar Gaddafi had been killed in 2011.