Is There Endless Aid for Ukraine?


Dr. Colin Kahl (a high-ranking defense official in the Biden Administration) stated Tuesday that he wasn’t sure how many rounds of aid would be required to help Ukraine fend off the Russian invasion.

“Just in terms American public, how many times do you think Congress should provide aid?” Rep. Ro Khanna (D. Calif.) asked during a hearing.

“You know it’s hard, and it’s complicated because we don’t have a clear picture of the course and the trajectory of the conflict,” Karl responded that the conflict could be over in six months, two years, or three years.

“I think the president has said the United States will continue to support Ukraine for as long as it takes,” he added. “I would hope that Congress would continue to be supportive.”

Over the last year, $113 billion has been approved by Congress. However, public support for continuing aid to Ukraine is slipping. Americans are about equally divided on the matter. An NBC News poll last month found that 46% of Americans opposed more aid to Ukraine and 49% supported it. It seems unlikely that aid support will decline as there is no end in sight to the war.