Jenna Jameson Gives Hopeful Health Update After Being Given a Year to Live


Jenna Jameson, a former adult film star, gives fans an update about her recovery following a health scare that left her in the hospital for almost a year.

Jameson, 49, opened up about the mystery illness that left her with “extreme muscle weakness,” which doctors speculated may have been “numerous other illnesses/diseases” including Guillain-Barré syndrome and blood cancer. However, the tests came back negative, Jameson’s rep confirmed.

Jameson told Entertainment Tonight that her symptoms began suddenly. “I was very healthy, but then I started collapsing. My ability to walk disappeared. They admitted me to the hospital. I was in the hospital for nine months.

Jameson was also told by the doctors that she only had six to twelve months to live.

She confessed, “When I first heard that I wouldn’t live very long, I think I just rolled up.” “I didn’t know how to digest it.”

Jameson left the hospital because she had spent months without any clear diagnosis and no relief for her symptoms.

She told the media that she had “finally reached the point when I felt like I needed to take my own health into my own hands.” So, she put herself in a wheelchair and left the hospital.

I ended up doing everything myself. “I knew I had so much more life to live.”

Her rep revealed that after Jameson left the hospital she made a decision to adopt a holistic approach and make major changes in her life, including maintaining healthy eating habits.

Jameson, who spoke to Entertainment Tonight, said: “I had a lot of memory issues, and I lost years, years, and years of my own life. So I began going to a cognitive therapist, who puts you through puzzles, and it all started coming back together.”

“I feel like I’m coming back to my life when I eat keto-style.” I feel energetic.”

Jameson’s representative stated that the holistic approach she took “greatly” helped her. She “isn’t 100 percent better, but feels more optimistic about her future.”

Jameson married podcast host Jessi Lawless in May.

Jameson spent nearly two months in the hospital in early 2022.

Jameson was unable to even walk with a walker during her mystery illness.

Jameson has a daughter, Lior Bitton. She shares twin teenage boys, Journey, and Jesse with her ex-partner, Tito Ortiz.

Jameson’s representatives did not immediately reply to our request for comment.