WH Struggles to Respond to New Revelations About Biden’s Fatigue


The Biden team must be pulling their hair out at this point.

A new poll shows that 77 percent of Americans think President Joe Biden’s age is too advanced for him to serve another term. Even 69 percent of Democrats are in agreement, which is hitting Biden’s handlers right where they live.

On top of that, 25 percent of the people in the poll said that the first word they think of when they think of Joe Biden is “old,” “outdated,” “retire,” “elderly,” “aging,” “senile,” or “dementia.” The second highest group, at 15 percent, said that word that came to their mind was “slow,” “confused,” “idiot,” “ignorant,” “sleepy,” “gaffe,” or “bumbling.” We’ve seen it all the time in covering him, and so have the American people.

Franklin Foer, Biden’s biographer, is releasing a new biography that only confirms this perception and exposes more of Joe’s issues.

Foer was a writer for the New Republic. He’s therefore not a conservative. He didn’t hold back when describing Biden.

Franklin Foer wrote in The Last Politician, Inside Joe Biden’s White House and The Struggle for America’s Future: “His advanced age was a hindrance. It deprived him of energy to cast an imposing public presence or to be able to conjure up a name.”

It was surprising that he attended so few meetings in the morning or presided at so few events public before 10 a.m. His public persona was a reflection of his physical decline and the deterioration of his mental faculties over time that no pill nor exercise regimen could resist.

In private, he admitted that he was tired.

Foer said that Biden’s staff tried to avoid scheduling anything before 10 a.m.

Yikes. He did say that he was “experienced” to try and give Biden some cover. He has certainly had a lot of experience and not all of it was good.

Biden is also irritated, as he dislikes being challenged or told he is anything but perfect.

Politico reports that the oldest commander in chief, who is also the oldest, has privately “vented” to his allies about the amount of media coverage the topic receives.

According to the outlet, Biden yelled at one of his friends last year: “You think I’m not aware how f—ing old I am?”

On Wednesday, a reporter questioned White House Press Secretary Karine Pierre about the book as well as Biden’s condition. He asked why there was a “breakfast cover” on that particular day.

The book suggests that the President told his aides he was tired. The reporter explained that this is why there have been so few events held before 10 a.m.

Jean-Pierre: “That is a ridiculous statement.”

This is not an assumption by the reporter. It’s a statement made by the biographer, based on the access he had to Biden and his team.

It’s a problem. Joe Biden, Karine Jean Pierre, and others tell people to watch him to see what he’s like. The biographer confirmed it, and Biden admitted as much. When people watch Joe, they see that it’s a bad movie. The White House tells us to ignore the evidence in front of our eyes.

Jean-Pierre, as I reported Wednesday, also refused to give an explanation as to why Biden went to the White House along with Dr. Kevin O’Connor, his personal physician. She claimed to not know why. If it wasn’t an appointment, it could have been an unscheduled check-up that indicated an emerging problem. The White House also doesn’t want to talk about it.

They may be closing the doors on the Biden Family Business scandal, but the walls are also closing on how much longer they can continue to pretend that Biden is fine. This can’t be maintained any longer, and the situation will only get worse.