Jennifer Rubin Equates Menendez With Clarence Thomas, Vindman Upstages Her


There are so many liberal pundits to choose from that it’s difficult to pick the worst.

There must be a special category for those who claim to be “conservatives” even though their views are the exact opposite of what is conservative. We have to give Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post extra points when judging.

In the past, we’ve covered some of her most classic remarks. One of her worst comments was when she fangirled over Gov. Andrew Cuomo and praised him for his handling of the pandemic.

It’s difficult to challenge what she says, but Jim Cramer and Paul Krugman do make some good arguments.

Rubin didn’t hold back in his Friday remarks, following the indictment by the Senate of Bob Menendez.

A criminal indictment against one of the Senate’s most prominent Democrats, the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is a big deal.

Rubin, however, tried to flip the story and make it all about… Justice Clarence Thomas. Rubin is the only one who knows how to do something like that.

Menendez has resigned. Clarence Thomas resigns. One standard. Rubin stated that “corruption is corruption”.

The facts are different. Thomas has not been charged with anything. For decades, the left has tried to bring him down. Last time I checked, no one had made any allegations about gold bars, jackets filled with cash, or being an agent of a foreign country, as has been alleged against Menendez. The situations are completely different.

Rubin may want to compare Joe Biden to the alleged bribery of foreigners and their compromising influence.

Plus, of course, a one-for-one exchange is not how the law works. When she says such things, she only solidifies her lack of seriousness and makes everyone laugh even more.

What was funny, however, was the fact that she had said something silly and then seemed to be ripped off by a man who was almost as stupid — Alexander Vindman.

Either she was ripped off or they both got the same talking point. It was funny in both cases, adding to the absurdity.

Rubin got the well-deserved significant rate for making such a horrible comment.