Kamala Harris Caught on Camera Looking Concerned as Biden Stumbles Through Gun Control Speech


It’s safe to say that both Joe Biden critics and supporters can agree that whenever he delivers a speech or gives an interview, we will get a lot of incoherency, rambling, and confusion. And a bunch of stories made up about his family/political background.

The receipts are not lying.

The speech he delivered Friday in the White House Rose Garden is no exception. However, in this instance, even Kamala, the Vice President, could not continue to wear the mask of indifference that she usually does when standing behind him while he addresses the public in the way only he can.

Biden is seen in the clip below rambling on about not being 30 yet when he first was elected to the Senate. Harris is smiling tight at the start of the clip, possibly clasping her hand to cover her facial reaction.

Biden claimed in the next video that he was “at every mass shooting,” a claim which is not only absurd but also physically impossible.

Biden once boasted that he and a woman from California were “the guys, along with the woman, who also we banned assault weapons, multiple magazines.” He is referring to Sen. Dianne F. Feinstein who is 90 and the oldest Senator currently serving. She has been questioned about her age, cognitive ability, and fitness for leadership.

This statement was also a complete mystery to me. Let the readers try to decipher it:

It would have been very helpful to have had one of his translators help him out.

Biden spoke much more about gun control in his speech, and we’ll have more to say on this later today. Stay tuned.