Jim Jordan’s Bombshell Claim About Fani Willis


Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee has been investigating the indictment by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis of former president Donald Trump, to determine if it was motivated by justice or political motives.

The investigation started in August. Jordan wrote to Willis in a letter that “the circumstances surrounding your acts raise serious doubts about their political motivation.”

He said, “It’s noteworthy that you launched just four days before this indictment a new fundraising website which highlighted your investigation into Trump.” Her office intentionally dragged its feet on the investigation that began in February 2021. He noted that she didn’t bring charges until two and a half years later and requested that the trial start the day before Super Wednesday and the week before the Georgia primary.

Willis’ non-compliance with the investigation of the committee is not surprising, but she has been uncooperative and refused to comply with their requests. Instead, Willis chose to level baseless allegations against the committee to justify her lack of compliance.

In a letter to Willis, Jordan revealed that the committee had learned that Willis’s office had contacted Democrats on the House Select January 6 Committee to obtain information to support her investigation of Trump.

Jordan wrote: “Recently the Committee learned of the cooperation between your office, and the partisan Jan. 6 Select Committee.” We have a letter dated December 17 2021 that you sent to Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (Chairman of the partisan Jan 6 Select Committee) requesting access to congressional “records” that may be relevant to your criminal investigation. You specifically asked Rep. Thompson to allow you access to a record, including but not limited to. . . Not limited to electronic and printed records of communications and travel records, as well as recordings of witness interviews, depositions, and other forms of testimony. You and your staff even stated that they were willing to travel to Washington, D.C. to “meet investigators personally” and receive the records ‘anytime’ between January 31 and February 25, 2022.”

Jordan continued:

This new information, although it’s not clear which records you may have obtained through your coordination with the partisan Select Committee of January 6, raises further questions about the Committee’s oversight over your politically motivated prosecution against a former president of the United States as well as several former senior federal officers. The partisan Jan. 6 Select Committee has a disturbing history of procedural violations and due process violations. The committee only sought evidence from certain individuals and ignored exculpatory evidence. It also did not pursue witnesses who had evidence that was not in line with its partisan narrative. It cherry-picked information to create false narratives. Your politically motivated prosecutions now relying on records obtained by the partisan January 6, Select Committee only reinforces our concerns about your commitment towards due process, and whether or not you have met your obligations to disclose this material.

Jordan asked Willis to provide any relevant communications and documents between her office, the January 6 Committee, and Jordan by December 19, 2023. Will Republicans be tough on Willis if, as is likely to happen, she doesn’t comply?