JK Rowling Smacks Around Her Haters With an Apt Comparison to Harry Potter’s Bad Guys


JK Rowling, Harry Potter author, is probably one of the most hated people by the transgender activist group but she’s been consistently the only famous person they couldn’t cancel.

They tried to punish her success last time. The Harry Potter-based video game “Hogwarts Legacy”, which was released in 1995, became one of the most popular video games ever. It also prompted the creation of a live-action TV series and a sequel.

Rowling’s critics claim that Rowling is on the right side, but he demonstrates the worst characteristics of dictators of the past.

Rowling recently spoke out about the lack of self-awareness by trans mafia members and leftist allies. Rowling stated that she is constantly being told by her haters that she looks just like the bad men she wrote into her books.

The “Death Eaters”, as they are known, are a neofascist group consisting of witches and wizards who have Nazi-like tendencies to want to preserve bloodlines and to subjugate anyone that doesn’t match that purity.

This claim was made by Rowling in a recent episode of The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling, which was broadcast by The FreePress

She said, “I am continually told that I don’t understand my books and that I have betrayed them.”

“My position is that I stand by the positions I made in Potter.

“My position is that the activist movement currently taking place echoes what I warned against in Harry Potter.”

Rowling also compared her internet haters with the Death Eaters she wrote about, who had dedicated their lives serving Lord Voldemort.

“We were made to live secretly, and now it is our time. All who stand in the way of our progress must be destroyed,” proclaimed ‘The Death Eaters.” She argued that if you don’t agree with us, then you must die.

“They demonized and dehumanized those who weren’t like them.”

Rowling’s enemies can be loud but her supporters are much larger. She is constantly supported by her supporters for speaking out against the oppression of activist mobs, and their allies, the author said. She has pledged to continue fighting for women everywhere against the transgender movement, which has made its way into some of the most influential areas of society.

She said, “I don’t see this particular movement being either benign or powerful, so I’m afraid that I stand with the women fighting to be heard against threats to loss of livelihoods and threats to their safety.”

Rowling’s resistance to the mob, transgender activist movements’ intrusion into womens’ spaces and Harry Potter authorship is becoming more well-known than Rowling’s Harry Potter series. However Rowling and her opponents continue to show the need to fight this type of battle and resist their “Death Eater” approach to subjugating anyone who isn’t like them.