China Is Scheming to Attack Our Outer Space Satellites


Do you remember when your liberal sister-in-law and her trans-pansexual, green-haired friend laughed at President Trump’s Space Force creation? Maybe they should have a talk with Gen. Chance Saltzman

U.S. Senators were told by Gen. Saltzman that China is the “most immediate danger” to the United States. He also said that China is preparing for what could become a “larger-scale, sustained conflict.” And that it has its sights on outer space.

The Chi-comms appear to be especially — and frighteningly — dedicated to creating the following:

  • Weapons of mass destruction
  • Space missiles
  • Nuclear launchers
  • Electronic warfare jammers
  • Lasers to disrupt satellite sensors
  • Building spacecraft that are able to snag and move our outer space platforms and move them out of position
  • All while Gropey Joe Biden spends his time trying to disarm Americans. Thank God our president isn’t compromised by the Chinese in any way

Our children are being taught how to tip drag queens by Chinese children.

Gen. Saltzman says that Biden’s Beijing benefactors have 347 satellites active in gathering intelligence about the U.S.

The commander of U.S. Strategic Command wrote last January to the Senate and House Armed Services Committee, “The number of land-based fixed and portable ICBM Launchers in China exceeds that of the United States.” He clarified that the U.S. had a greater nuclear arsenal than China.

Gen. Saltzman also stated to Congress that Russia and China have studied the U.S. dependence on satellites in fighting wars.

Saltzman said, “Whether it’s our precise navigation and timing or satellite communications, whether it’s missile warning, satellite communications, intelligence surveillance, reconnaissance persistence that we use with space capabilities, and the intelligence surveillance, and reconnaissance persistence that they have.” They know that we depend on them and they will blind us if they interfere with them or, God forbid, completely destroy them. They are aware that this will reduce our advantages and expose the joint force to danger.

China threatens Taiwan with further aggression if Taiwan’s President TsaiIng-wen meets Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker in California, during an April visit.

McCarthy confirmed that he will meet with Taiwan’s President when questioned.

“I will, when she’s in America,” McCarthy defiantly quipped. “But that has nothing to do with my travel and if I would go to Taiwan or not, and China can’t tell me where or when to go.”

This is a bold statement considering the fact that the Chinese escalated their saber-rattling to eleven last year when Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan.

In the last few weeks, China has sent no less than three ships and 25 warplanes to Taiwan. Biden responded by approving the sale of hundreds of F-16 missiles to Taiwan, a rare display of testicular fortitude and a nod to the military-industrial complex.