Joe Biden’s Odd Statements Roam Michigan – What’s Going On?


On the Internet, there’s an old meme that shows a mom turning around and screaming at her child: “Why can’t you just be normal?” He responds with uncontrollable shrieks. Joe Biden. Why is this guy so weird?

In that vein, the president wandered around Michigan on Thursday, saying strange things again.

I’m no expert on senility but I suspect that a common symptom of a senile person is to say the same incoherent words over and over again. Biden has said that deer are wearing Kevlar vests several times. Or claimed that his son was killed in Iraq? Or said that an Amtrak conductor, who retired in 1993, told him as Vice President that he had driven over a mile?

How many times did Biden shout at someone in a public setting, “Don’t Jump?” This is a strange thing to say. In this instance, the people to whom he is speaking are sitting in a booth. He thinks they’ll climb up on the table to do a swan dive of three feet. A president shouldn’t make jokes about suicide.

Biden’s appearance at a union-supporting event did not make things any better.

We know. Why would we want to know? Biden’s tendency to stop mid-thought and say “anyway” in public is one of his strange tics. This is a sign that he has a failing memory, even at the most insignificant of times. This doesn’t sound like a good quality for someone in the Oval Office.

There’s also what I call Biden’s Forrest Gump Syndrome, referring to his tendency to put himself in the middle of every situation, regardless of how absurd. Biden, who is ostensibly Catholic, will claim one day that he attended a black church as a child and was a part of the Civil Rights Movement. He will then say that he attended synagogue. He will tell you that he was a trucker and a football star in his free time. Biden has continued to make these claims, even though none of it is true.

You’d think that if someone says they “got through college” because there are large auto plants in their state, they must be an autoworker. Biden is adding a new job to his résumé.

In this same appearance, President Trump lied about his college football experience again.

He is a real-life Forrest Gump. However, unlike the movie, he never said anything that happened. Is it the senility that’s causing this? Is it Biden’s personality and aging-preventing him from hiding it as he did in the past? I’m not sure if it matters. All of it is bad. All of it is bad.

But hey, at least he has enough wear with all to navigate a room, right? Or not.

Biden trying to leave a stage, leave the room, or work with a crowd reminds me of a five-year-old who is trying to do long division. It doesn’t work. What else does not work? Joe Biden is running for president.