Jonathan Turley Takes Biden Apart Over Classified Documents and Corvette Standard


Joe Biden’s story and the classified documents are only getting worse. We reported that the second set of classified documents was found in a storage room at Biden’s Wilmington house. It was obvious it would be a disaster when they didn’t say where it was in the initial announcement.

Biden responded to this with a horrible response, claiming that the classified documents were kept next to his Corvette. “My Corvette is in a locked garage okay?” It’s not like they’re out on the streets.

Jonathan Turley, a George Washington Law School professor, was moved by this. Biden was ridiculed for his absurd response. He said, “The corvette standards are not in classified protocols ” and observed, “The White House counsel could now cite the corvette’s long-standing slogan: Like a car but better.”

Turley described the comments as “remarkably ill-considered” and “a cringeworthy moment.” After receiving a well-written statement from his lawyers and staff the President suggested that his locked garage was used for classified material.

It is amazing that Joe Biden would act like being right next to his Corvette makes him cool. He took who knows how many classified papers and had them scattered all over the place, including in insecure locations. How could this man ever comment on President Donald Trump, who was granted the right to presidential records and kept them in a vault in his home?

This was crazy! Here’s Joe Biden pulling his Corvette from the garage where it was kept in a 2020 campaign video.

As you can see, he has boxes on the right and storage space to his left. This is where classified documents were stored. It is a heap of junk, and there’s no place you would want classified documents open to the streets. Do they sit next to an old broken lamp? This gives Joe great assurance about the “Corvette Standard”.