CNN Host Uses Democrat’s Own Words To Show How She Is Using Double Standard To Defend Biden


CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota gave Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., an opportunity to be fair about criticisms of politicians who misuse classified documents.

She declined.

What’s the background?
Jayapal demanded that the entire force of law be used against Donald Trump last September after the government revealed the extent of Trump’s retentions of classified documents.

She even claimed that Trump “stole” the documents.

Jayapal stated that Donald Trump had stolen classified documents. He put our national security at stake, as well as the safety and security of our allies around world. He must be held responsible to the full extent allowed by law.”

What did Jayapal have to say?

Camerota interviewed Jayapal on “CNN Newsroom” and asked her about her tweet. Jayapal also answered questions about President Joe Biden’s tweet, as well as whether the same standard should apply to him in light of classified documents being found in at least two private areas.

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“Should President Biden be held accountable to the same standard?” The CNN anchor asked. “Is it possible that President Biden also puts our national security at stake?”

Jayapal immediately began to defend Biden and equivocate.

She stated, “I believe that is why Department of Justice appointed the special counsel.”

“But, again, I would like to point out the fact that these documents so much that we know, we know that they were kept locked up. This was a small number, and although I don’t know the importance of these documents, it is possible that they are extremely important. She added that they were classified top secret. She added, “But the storage and approach to this is totally different.”

Jayapal admitted that Biden’s storage of classified documents was a “political issue for all of us Democrats.” Jayapal tried to make a distinction between Trump’s and Biden’s mishandlings of classified information. Jayapal stated that Biden is “cooperating fully.”

She doesn’t know this.

The White House did not disclose the discovery for over two months. When it finally admitted that classified documents were in Biden’s office, it refused the disclosure of the second batch of documents found at Biden’s private residence.