Justice Alito Tells Prince Harry and Foreign Leaders Criticizing Decision on Roe to Buzz Off


I have to give it to some of the conservative justices in the Supreme Court. They are strong and will not back down despite threats or attacks. We have seen their courage in defending their principles during the decision to repeal Roe v. Wade despite knowing they would be attacked by the left.

In remarks he made at a conference in Rome on religious liberty, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito showed the same strength. This was his first public comment after the June decision that overturned Roe. It might seem that he would be reticent to comment on the decision. He wouldn’t, and he isn’t.

Alito had some fun with Prince Harry’s husband Meghan Markle and other foreign leaders who criticized the decision.

Alito referred to the opinion, saying that he had the honor of writing “I think the only Supreme Court ruling in the history that has been lambasted and criticized by a whole bunch of foreign leaders who were perfectly content commenting on American law.”

Alito jokingly said, “One of these was ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson — but it was a price he had to pay.” After the decision, Johnson was forced from office. Johnson declared “Post hoc Ergo Propter Hoc”, laughing at his own fallacy. He said that he knew it wasn’t because he had made the decision.

Alito stated, referring to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and France’s President Emmanuel Macron.

“What really hurt me, what really wound me — was when Prince Harry addressed the United Nations and seemed like he was comparing the decision whose name may or not be spoken with the Russian attack on Ukraine,” Alito mocked Prince Harry. Stating, Prince Harry had decried the decision as a “rolling back of constitutional rights.”

These remarks by Alito are naturally causing an uproar from the left since he’s not hiding his decision. He knows that he did what was right under the Constitution. They are concerned that he is having fun with foreign leaders. They should be careful about following the Constitution and not trying to undermine the integrity of the Court by pushing for Court-packing to get their political agenda.

The Court doesn’t care about popular opinion, left-leaning views, or foreign leaders.

Alito also pointed out that, amongst all the jokes, he believes it matters what the Constitution says and doesn’t say. That’s what Supreme Court is supposed to be about. Not what the mob thinks. While foreign leaders may say whatever they like until the cows come home, the ones who are in question seem not to be able to comprehend American law.