K-Pop Band Member Passes Away at 25-Years-Old from Suspected Suicide


According to reports, a young South Korean actor, musician, and model committed suicide.

Fantagio announced that Moonbin died on Thursday. Moonbin was a founding member of the Korean pop band ASTRO. “On April 19, ASTRO member Moonbin suddenly left us to become a star in the sky,” the announcement, translated into English, read in part. Moonbin was just 25 years old.

Fantagio stated, “We are heartbroken,” as we understand and share the sentiments of the deceased. He loved his fans and put them first.

ASTRO’s hits include “Blue Flame” and “Candy Sugar Pop”. ASTRO has been named by Billboard among the top ten new K-pop acts of 2016.

Moonbin, real name Moon Bin, began to have personal problems soon after ASTRO became a global phenomenon. Moonbin left the group citing health issues in 2019. He returned to the group a full year later and formed a new subgroup, Moonbin & Sanha, with fellow bandmate Yoon San Ha.

Moonbin was absent from rehearsals for a few days, and his family began to worry. His manager found him dead in his apartment. “We are considering the possibility of an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Moonbin will have a private funeral, as per the wishes of his family. Though little is known about his family, Moonbin is survived by at least one close relative. His sister, Moon Sua, is a member of the K-pop girl band Billie.

Moonbin & Sanha announced that their tour for next month had been canceled “due to unforeseen events which were beyond our control that we could not avoid”.

ASTRO also lost two members in less tragic circumstances. Rocky left the group in May to pursue other interests. MJ left to serve in the military, as do all South Korean men over the age of 18.

Our prayers are with the fans and loved ones of Moon Bin.