Teenage Girl Successfully Escaped Attempted Kidnapper Using a Stun Gun


According to the mother, her teenage daughter was able to escape from an alleged kidnapper with a stun gun.

Patricia Heffner, of Brunswick, Maryland said that her daughter, 16, was walking towards a friend’s house on Knoxville Road around 4:30 pm on Monday when a driver pulled up next to her and asked if she needed a ride.

Heffner claims that her daughter thought the man was one of her friend’s fathers.

“By the time she shut the door she realized it wasn’t the friend’s father, and she ended up, he locked the doors, and then he did two things to her and he was making sexual comments to her,” Heffner said to WJZ-TV.

The teenager then pulled out a stun gun, activated the alarm, and shocked him on his shoulder with it. The man stopped the car, and the girl ran home.

The police said that they were trying to identify a man described as a 50-year-old white man with brown eyes, a pale skin tone, and a height of between 5’7″ and -5’9″. The man also has a mustache and a mole in the right corner of his face.

Heffner showed WJZ the stun gun and told them that it had been given to her daughter for protection.

Investigators reported that the vehicle was black and looked like a minivan.

Heffner replied, “I am scared.” “My children are not allowed outside anymore.”

The police are looking for surveillance footage that may have captured the vehicle or the driver.

Heffner said, “If anyone has Ring cameras, or anything else please look at them.”

WUSA-TV reported in Maryland that a person younger than 18 is not allowed to possess an electric stun gun. Heffner, however, said that the police didn’t question her on that.

Here is a local report on the incident.