Kamala Harris’ Actions: Further Complicating Matters for Joe Biden?


The Hur report confirmed what many people have been saying about Joe Biden over the years. Now, his diminished mental ability is a major issue that the Biden Administration (and his campaign for president) can’t ignore. Unease over the “elderly, forgetful man” currently occupying the Oval Office is at a fever pitch.

Will he withdraw from the race? Will he make it to the Convention? Will the 25th Amendment even be invoked at all? What is next?

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal last week, Kamala Harris insisted that she was “ready to serve” as president if necessary. Kamala Harria said in an interview last week with the Wall Street Journal that she was “ready” to be president if needed.

“I am willing to serve.” “There’s no doubt about it,” she told the newspaper. She said that everyone who has seen her “walks away fully conscious of my leadership capacity.”

I have a feeling that this won’t help anyone. We’ve already reported that Kamala Harris was the least popular vice president ever in polling history. Rumors have been circulating for a while about a possible shake-up of the Biden and Harris ticket. There was talk at one time of nominating Harris to the Supreme Court to remove her from the picture and let Biden choose a vice president that polled better than him.

Harris’s supporters haven’t received a lot of support from the White House. Her allies complained that Joe Biden had set her up for failure with “trash assignments” like the border crisis or election reform.

Harris’ poll numbers are lower than Biden’s, so if he wins reelection he will not have to serve a full-term. Democrats may not be fans of Harris, but they’re obsessed with identity politics. They will do whatever they can to push Biden to the finish line. This would pave the way for the first woman president of color to ascend to the presidency.

We’re not only running against Joe Biden, but also against Kamala. I’m not going to say that this election is the most significant of our lifetimes, but there are no doubts about the fact that the stakes are high.

Harris has said she is “ready to serve” and this is not a fanciful threat. You can see how Joe Biden destroyed the progress made by President Trump in a matter of minutes. Adding another four years could lead us to a disaster that is impossible to recover.

We need your help. In the wake of Hur’s report, we’ve seen the media come to Biden’s defense. We will continue to expose Joe Biden and Kamala Haris in the hopes that we can rescue this country from another four years of this nightmare.