Kamala Harris Gets Way Too Excited About Electric Buses


In this economic downturn, the Biden administration is keeping its eyes on the ball. As your investments plummet and inflation decimates your savings, Kamala is out there doing what’s important.

In a speech, the intrepid Vice President described how amazing it was to have buses without exhaust. Although there is a lot to choose from this week, I believe we have the most tone-deaf utterance of any administration official this week. But, Saturday is always available.

Perhaps it’s because I am currently losing my shirt on the stock market (don’t worry, not selling), but I have run out of patience with this type of stuff. The administration is still acting as though they don’t care about electric school buses, even as the country enters a cycle of recession and stagflation (welcome back, 1970s folks).

Although I don’t support electric vehicles as a whole, I think it is foolish to rush to make them the dominant vehicle. Connecting the entire US economy to China seems like a bad decision for national security. These electric buses are so powerful, why does the federal government need to spend billions more on them? They shouldn’t be dominating this market with local school districts racing to buy them with existing funds.

This is the problem with EVs. They will one day be the most preferred choice of vehicle, but it isn’t now, mainly because the technology isn’t there yet. It is not right to waste taxpayer money trying to make it happen, particularly at the federal level. Why is the vice president making infomercials about electric buses? It’s stupid and a waste of time.

Regardless, I’m not here to snub EVs. I’m here to highlight the fact that Harris is a comical character of a vice-president whose inauthenticity as well as his condescending speaking style have become legendary. The Dow Jones has lost almost 5,000 points in the past month. Every day, gas prices hit new highs. Rising violent crime continues to be a problem…and she’s talking freaking about electric buses.

These people don’t care about you. They live in a bubble that is so thick that a nuclear bomb can’t penetrate. They live in a bubble that is so thick they can’t be penetrated by a nuclear bomb. However, they are able to survive on your money and have a lot of fun with it. They will be completely wiped out in November, which is the only thing I can find some comfort in. However, this won’t bring back my (or anyone else’s) investments anytime soon.