Rand Paul Reveals Where the Aid Money for Ukraine Is Really Coming From


Biden’s presidency has not been filled with many achievements. This has severely reduced America’s global influence and prestige. It has also been responsible for a dramatic rise in gas prices and overall prices.

We sent $40 billion to Ukraine despite a shortage in baby formula and an economic downturn worse than any since 1929. Biden’s handlers will not just print money, but also inflict more inflation on the American people. They’re instead borrowing money from Communist China.

Paul has been a staunch opponent of the Ukraine aid package, saying: “Reserving the right to object, my oath of office is to the U.S. Constitution, not to any foreign nation. And no matter how sympathetic the cause, my oath of office is to the national security of the United States of America. We cannot save Ukraine by dooming the U.S. economy.” He pointed out that “gasoline alone is up 48 percent, and energy prices are up 32 percent over the last year. Food prices have increased by nearly 9 percent. Used vehicle prices are up 35 percent for the year, and new vehicle prices have increased 12 percent or more.”

Biden’s staff is predicting the end of America’s economy. Paul said Wednesday that “we don’t have enough money to send money to Ukraine so we must borrow money from China. That is what most people know. It is a social program, many Republicans agree. However, if it is military assistance to a nation, it is justified to borrow.

He stated that Republicans who voted to give aid to Ukraine were undermining Biden’s argument that he is responsible for current high inflation. It leads to inflation. It hurts the Republican argument that Biden’s spending and Biden’s debt cause inflation. Except for bipartisan spending which isn’t really included.

Washington does not have a single major political party. There are two major factions in Washington who agree on nearly everything. Paul stated that they are in agreement on minor matters of priority and procedures. “The Democratic and Republican leadership are the same. They work together. They must give away a lot of butter in order to achieve this. In order to make us stronger, we’ve given away our farm. ”

These are the main beneficiaries. They will be stronger after the Russia-Ukraine conflict and will have a Russia much weaker (no matter what the outcome). The United States will also have a smaller budget and will likely use the money it owes to China to fund an invasion of Taiwan.

It doesn’t really matter what happens. It’s difficult to imagine how this could all end in America’s favor.