Kamala’s Awkward Slip-Up: Accidentally Undermines Left’s Narrative on Women


Joe Biden’s health seems to be rapidly deteriorating.

Unfortunately, Kamala Harris, his “second”, also has her own problems. It’s hard to believe that these people in the offices have a clue about what they’re doing, or have the United States of America and its citizens at the forefront of their minds.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen Kamala Harris do some strange word salads. Who can forget, for example, her love of Venn Diagrams?

When she was asked Monday what she thought about Hamas accepting an agreement to cease fire [there was not real deal], her response was “Shrimps and grits.”

We weren’t finished with Kamala yet. This was just a prelude to Kamala’s event with Sheryl Lee Ralph, about “reproductive liberty” [translation: abortion on demand]. You’d have to be a professional actress to sell such vile nonsense. Ralph says that Kamala “is one of the most talented, influential, brave, and fearless” thinkers in history.

Who could believe that? Do you think that to be capable you need to have accomplished something? What has she done in her job besides occupying space?

She is here to connect ALL OF US! “She is here to link ALL OF US!” Ralph said. “This human being is a woman!” She roared as if that made her special and different from millions of other females.

How would they know, since the Biden Team doesn’t appear to understand what a woman actually is?

What did Kamala say when she began to speak? “I shouted very loudly – Ovaries!”

“And Fallopian tubes!!” Harris said.

Ralph screamed “Uterus”

“Fibroids!” Harris laughed her head off as she replied.

This person is not serious.

The funny thing about her response is that she acknowledges the biological reality of a woman. This is in contrast to the leftist narrative that says that it is a flexible definition and that a man could be a female if he wanted to.

Kamala’s claim is false. A man does not have the parts she mentions. She just ruined the whole story.