Karine Jean-Pierre Describes Herself as a Historic Figure in Interview


Karine Jean Pierre, White House Press Secretary, referred to herself as a “historic figure” during a recent interview about her first year on the job.

Jean-Pierre was asked by The Grio to share her thoughts on her tenure. She had been dubbed as a “history-maker” for being the first Black, gay, and immigrant person to hold this role.

She said, “I’m not sure if I ever imagined or had a vision of what being a historical figure in this position would be like because you just never know. But one thing I can say is that it’s always different since I am the first. And I’ve been many firsts,” she added. It’s going to be very different for me than it was for any of the previous 34 press secretaries. That’s a fact.

She said it was an honor to represent President Biden at the podium, but then shifted back to her identity.

She added, “I am not blind to the fact that the communities I represent are important to me and I know how important they find me.” “That’s also on my mind right?” It is important that I represent the Black, Caribbean, and LGBTQ+ communities well.

Jean-Pierre said that Biden’s administration was the most “pro-equality” administration and “most advanced LGBTQIA+ equal ever.”

She called herself again a historical figure before answering the question of what was her proudest moment since she took on her current position.

“This is a historic administration,” Jean-Pierre stated that he was an historical figure and I walk in history each day. But this administration is making [history] because of the president.

As a member of the White House Press Team, she cited Brittney Griner’s release and Ketanji Jackson’s confirmation as a Supreme Court Justice as her two favorite moments.

The site, which leans left, asked Jean-Pierre a series of questions about her job, including how she spends her day. They also complimented Jean-Pierre’s “swag”. She claimed that she did not read any stories about her.

“I love my work.” “I will never get another opportunity like this, and I know that it’s a rare opportunity.” “It is a moment of critical importance and an unprecedented period.” “I realize how great it is,” she said.

Jean-Pierre joined the Biden Administration after working as an MSNBC Analyst. Jen Psaki, Biden’s former press secretary and weekend host for MSNBC, now works as the network’s weekend host.