Spotify Executive Criticizes Former Royals, Ends Meghan Markle’s Archetypes Podcast


Meghan Markle reportedly landed a $20 million dollar deal in 2020 with Spotify to produce podcasts. Spotify pulled the plug on “Stereotypes”, a series of twelve episodes that was hilariously called “Archetypes”. The show “Archetypes” claimed that it would “investigate, deconstruct, and subvert labels that hold women back” (and that is a true quote). It then went on to discuss the word “bimbo,” a term that has not been used to describe women in over 30 years. Some episodes focused on the words “bossy”, “bit*h” and “difficult”, alleging that these words are code words for misogyny. The recycled feminist tropes from the 1990s were snooze-inducing.

Duchess Difficult didn’t just talk about boring topics, she used each interview to bring the conversation around to her and how labels affected her. Harry’s spouse loves to hear her voice and thinks she is the most interesting person around. She believes that everyone is interested in hearing about her unusual childhood, which was not extraordinary at all. One time she convinced a soap manufacturer to say “People are fighting greasy” instead of “women”.

Bill Simmons, a podcaster and Spotify executive, called the Sussexes “f***ing swindlers” and questioned Prince Harry’s ability to market himself in the podcasting world.

“The f***cking grifters.” “That’s the podcast that we shoulda started with them,” said Simmons. “I have to get drunk and tell Harry the story about the Zoom we had, in order to help him come up with a podcast concept.” “He threatened that it was one of his best stories.” This is a story we would all like to hear, but all we hear are Harry’s never-ending complaints.”

Shoot him into the sun. I’m tired of him. What is he bringing to the table? He keeps on giving interviews and whining about sh*t. Who cares? “You weren’t the favorite son.” Get over it already.

I can’t stand him. So tired. I’m so embarrassed I f***cking have to share Spotify with him. The guy sucks.

The New York Post reported on the couple’s struggles with Spotify, including a poor output that corresponded with their one-hour work schedule per week for their charity Archwell.

The Post reported on Thursday, citing a source familiar with the situation, that Archewell Media, the media company founded by Prince Harry and Markle in 2020, did not produce enough content for the couple to receive their full $20 million contract.

The couple that can’t stop talking about the injustices others have done them has been quiet on the Spotify scandal. The Duchess in Distress managed to convince paparazzi to snap photos of her walking around with a $5000 handbag while talking on her cellphone. In her 16-bedroom Montecito home, she doesn’t appear to have a dedicated office where she can take calls. It’s an odd display for a woman that values her privacy. The paparazzi firm Backgrid took the photos, and they seem to know where the Duchess was at any given time.

Immediately after the news broke, several articles suggested that Meghan could be the new Duchess of Dior. She would join the brand as an “influencer.” It is a strange storyline, an influencer who became a princess and then an influencer. The Duchess Of Attention-Seeking, who tried to convince everyone that her brand is “feminist,” ended up selling dresses that most women cannot afford. It’s a strange result. Bill Simmons goes nuts about the former royal duo.