Karine Jean-Pierre Struggles to Address Controversial Topless Trans Incident at the White House


The White House is now an adult-only venue. This follows the Biden Administration’s long-promised restoration of “norms” in the United States. We previously reported that a transgender Tik Toker went topless at the controversial White House “pride event” on Saturday.

It was just as inappropriate as you think. The video also prompted immediate questions as to what Biden’s “pride” in celebrating LGBTQ was all about. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre struggled to explain this situation on Tuesday.

Jean-Pierre: As you mentioned in our statement, and you heard us earlier today, this behavior was unacceptable. We have been clear that it was unfair for the hundreds of people who attended to celebrate their families. We’ll continue to be very clear about that. That type of behavior, as I’ve said, is unacceptable, not appropriate, and disrespectful and it doesn’t reflect the event we hosted for the LGBTQ+ Families. Again, hundreds of families were in attendance to celebrate their community. Look, the individuals in the video are not going to be invited to any future events. This has never happened before. This is not something that would normally happen under this administration. We have been very clear about our view of this behavior.

Is it true that this behavior does not reflect the event? From where I sit, it seems that indecent displays are common at “pride events” across the country. I won’t pretend this isn’t true and that these events are usually family-friendly. The truth is, they are not. That’s a big problem for the whole idea of “pride month”.

The person who showed up in the White House was not a random visitor. Jean-Pierre may be right that this had never happened before, but that is the problem. Joe Biden was the only person who could have made it happen. Why is that? Are these displays a result of “pride” and transgender orthodoxy?

Yes, the answer is obvious. Jean-Pierre can’t separate “pride” and these bizarre happenings, no matter how hard he tries. Since the early 1990s, Americans have seen men dressed in thongs, bondage gear, and sometimes even simulating sex, in public. All under the pretext of “tolerance”. Why would the Tik-Tok Influencer think it was okay for him to remove his top and show off his fake breasts in the same way? Jean-Pierre must be shocked that he’s even retaliating.

Biden may be senile, and not understand what is going on. But I don’t think this lets him off lightly. He’s taken the radical leftist views, such as those on transgenderism, and is now using state power to promote them. The rest of the world must be laughing at America, particularly those countries with an antagonistic posture. I feel embarrassed for my nation. Right now, we’re not. This is a sad reflection of how things have devolved.