Karine Jean-Pierre’s Maui Fire Comments Backfire Spectacularly


Karine Jean-Pierre is the Kool-Aid Man. Just when you think the White House’s message on the Maui fire could not get worse, she bursts through the wall.

Joe Biden was already in a mess by the time his press secretary stepped up to the podium. Biden, as we reported previously, sped off on his bike and said “We’re looking into it” when reporters asked him about the Maui situation. He made things worse on Monday by smiling and shouting at reporters “No comment!” when they asked him about the increasing death toll.

Karine Jean-Pierre is at the helm of the communications department, and nothing can be guaranteed.

The White House doesn’t even know the names of the two senators from Hawaii. In the case of Sen. Mazie Hiroono, they don’t even know she is a woman. Hirono is one of the worst American politicians, and I don’t like her. But calling her a woman seems a bit unfair.

How difficult is it to check one’s notes on a briefing before making a statement? It’s just as difficult as Joe Biden trying to answer a question on the Maui fire, without coming across as a cold-hearted psychopath. The characters in this administration are not particularly good at their jobs. This has been the theme of a White House that promised to bring “adults” back into the room.

I don’t get the strategy. Is Biden so uncontrollable, and his communications department so incompetent that they can’t control him? The administration treats the death of at least 89 individuals as a political issue, despite it being a serious matter. It’s shocking, and the negative stories would overwhelm a Republican President.