Pelosi’s District in San Francisco Deemed Too Dangerous for Federal Workers, HHS Says


San Francisco has been a victim of decades of Democratic policies.

It is the Democrats who are in power that are responsible for the decline of this beautiful city. For once they have no reason to blame Republicans.

You would have thought that having a high-profile person in a great position of authority for many years — former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — that might have helped the city. But she’s been supportive of progressives, and the city has fallen to crime and drugs.

Instead, we now see this:

We have reported on the closure of stores and the escape of others. Target locked its entire product range behind security glass. T-Mobile closed its flagship store and Nordstrom shut down its two local stores. Whole Foods also left the market in less than a year, and Park Hotels also left.

While stores are fleeing, the media is writing about how much you can make as a drug dealer in the area. Can we talk about how twisted that all is and how lost San Francisco is when they are in this kind of a position?

According to The San Francisco Chronicle successful drug dealers earn up to $350,000 a year.

The base pay for Google’s senior software engineers can reach as much as $211,000 [….]

Money is a dangerous but attractive calling card to Honduran migrants who want to escape poverty and violence in their villages. The Chronicle reports that Honduran immigrants, mostly from the Siria Valley, north of Honduras’ capital Tegucigalpa, dominate open-air drug trafficking in Tenderloin & South of Market.

The drug money has fuelled a housing boom in Honduras, particularly in certain areas. Joe Biden stated that he wanted the “physical infrastructure”, to keep out illegal aliens.

The story below is an excellent example of San Francisco’s poor conditions.

Due to safety concerns surrounding the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building located on Seventh Street, hundreds of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services employees in San Francisco are required to work from home until further notice.

At the corner of Seventh Street & Mission Street, the 18-story building houses several federal agencies such as HHS and the U.S. Department of Labor. The U.S. Department of Transportation and Nancy Pelosi, Speaker Emerita’s Office are also located in this tower.

Cheryl R. Campbell is the Assistant Secretary of Administration for HHS. She sent a memo to regional leaders on August 4, recommending that they stay at home.

In a memo that The Chronicle obtained, Campbell wrote: “In light of the conditions at the Federal Building, we recommend employees… maximize telework use in the near future.”

This building is called the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building. It’s because there’s so much crime that the authorities can’t ensure the safety of the people who work in it. The building is telling people to leave.

Stopping drug sales is the answer. It would be obvious to tell people to stay home. Democrats are going to bury their faces in the sand, pretending that they’re in “recovery”.

Replace the Democrats, that’s the only solution.