Kathy Griffin’s NY Comedy Show Ambushed by Trump Fan Caravan


Kathy Griffin, a left-wing comedian from the United States, has never hidden her disdain for former president Donald Trump and the tens of thousands of Americans who are his supporters.

It has always been a mutual feeling.

This fact was once again proven over the weekend when dozens of protesters descended upon her show in Huntington on Long Island to let her hear how they felt about her.

Griffin was in the spotlight back in May 2017, when she famously posed for a photo shoot with a severed head of Donald Trump. The photographer and artist Tyler Shields had commissioned this bloody photo.

TMZ obtained a picture of the My Life on the D-List comic, then 56, looking directly into the camera as he lifted Trump’s severed skull, which was covered in dark blood.

Griffin, according to the gossip site, joked that after the photos were released, she and Shields – who is well known for his shocking art – would have to leave the country for fear of being imprisoned.

She is also known for giving hints about how Trump can be dealt with.

The comedian and TV personality had previously cut a mock advertisement in which she repeatedly told the Republican presidential candidate of the time to “f*ck-off.”