Pelosi’s Son Escapes Charges Again in Money and Mail Fraud Case


One more day and another Democrat, or Democrat-approved individual, who does not suffer any consequences for his/her actions.

Paul Pelosi Jr., the son of Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Paul Pelosi Sr., has been connected to Bill Garlock and Gina Rodriguez, who were implicated in financial schemes tied to a flophouse in San Francisco’s Mission District, purportedly owned by Pelosi Jr. According to reports from the Daily Mail, there is documentation suggesting that Pelosi Jr. bribed individuals for building permits in the vicinity.

Garlock and Rodriguez allegedly scammed people by promising real-estate developments. They got investors to send over $1 million. Paul Pelosi Jr., the listing realtor for many transaction documents, was friends with Garlock, Rodriguez, and Karena Feng. Karena Feng had a relationship with Paul Jr. and he had been listed as the seller in many transaction documents.


Did you know this is the SEVENTH instance in which Paul Pelosi Jr. was implicated in federal crimes?

The New York Post reported in 2022 that Jr. had been hired by five companies under investigation for fraud, including InfoUSA in 2007. Vin Gupta, a prominent Clinton donor, founded InfoUSA. The case was settled after the company was investigated for fraud.

Paul Jr. founded Natural Blue Resources in 2010. The Securities and Exchanges Commission was investigating the firm because they suspected it could have been run secretly by two fraudsters. Paul Jr., however, testified against them and was ruled not to have played a “meaningful” role in certain key transactions.

I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but the phrase “honor between thieves” comes into my mind. There is no honor among thieves.

The feds also investigated other companies Paul Pelosi Jr. had a hand in, including FOGFuels, Targeted Medical Pharma (for unauthorized drug testing on people), Corporate Governance Initiative (where he formed ties with fraudster Asa St. Clair), and lithium mining company Oroplata. Paul Jr. purchased shares at $2,800 per share when the stock was worth millions.

Paul Pelosi Jr. has never been charged or accused of anything.

If it was Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump, they wouldn’t only be sitting at Club Leavenworth right now, and in the national news for months.

Because it’s Nancy Pelosi’s son, you won’t hear much about it except mainly on Conservative sites. It’s easy to overlook the bizarre story of Paul Pelosi Sr. fighting with a weird Canadian nudist over a hammer in November 2022.

Clearly, the Pelosi family is full of crooks but Nancy Pelosi’s position keeps them out of hot water. Maybe one day their luck will run out.