Kerry’s Davos Declaration: Climate Change Policy Irreversible, says No Politician Can Reverse


John Kerry’s carbon footprint was massively increased when he traveled to Davos to enjoy a luxury vacation and lecture peasants about their carbon footprint, according to Avi Yemeni.

Kerry said the following at a Davos speech about the intersection between democracy and Climate Change (TM)

You’re in for a surprise if you end up with another President who is opposed to the climate crisis. No politician in the entire world can reverse what has happened. We will. Only one question remains: Will we arrive in time to meet this challenge from the scientists and avoid the worst effects of this crisis? This is the issue.

Cable news actors and New York Times columnists will surely be outraged by these obvious refutations to democratic control of governance since they are honest and forthright in their commitment to Democracy(TM). Hold our breath.

Who or what matters if the directives of a duly elected president don’t have any impact on Climate Change(TM)? What is the source of that entity’s authority?

Naomi Oreskes, Harvard professor and WEF acolyte, issued similar fatwas at Davos against anyone who stood in the way of the forced deindustrialization of society, purportedly, to save the Earth.


To accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, it will be important to build upon the framework set out in the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act. It will be important to oppose infrastructures that lock in fossil fuel energy for years to come, as well as carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects that are an adjunct to fossil fuel production. Denial will need to be fought at all costs. There are many examples of this, including the false claim that offshore wind kills whales or that gas stove restrictions are just the latest excuse liberals use to deny freedom and control our lives. Climate activists and scientists will need to collaborate to stop the spread of misleading narratives.

Scientists and climate activists are euphemisms for unelected bureaucrats who threaten and lean on social media companies such as X to get them to censor any counter-narratives that the rabble presents to Climate Change (TM).