Kinzinger Equates Speaker Johnson With the Taliban


Adam Kinzinger, a former Illinois Republican Rep., decided to retire rather than risk a sure reelection defeat in the midterm elections of 2022. However, the CNN political analyst, who is now a CNN contributor, continues to speak with “the best” at every opportunity he creates. On Wednesday night, this was exactly what happened.

Kinzinger appeared on CBS’s “The Stephen Colbert Show,” to promote his new book. He then compared the newly-elected House speaker Mike Johnson (R – Louisiana). Afghanistan’s Taliban is one of the worst Islamist terrorist groups on the planet. Ridiculous? Of course.

Colbert began the evening by asking Kinzinger about his opinion of Johnson’s ascension to Speaker. The acerbic host took aim at the Bible while doing so.

Mike Johnson said that you can learn about his worldview by picking up a bible. I always pick up Bibles. I am a huge fan. What do you think of the Bible’s use as a tool for legislation?

What did he do there? The “Bible is a legislative instrument”? Johnson, who calls himself a “Bible-believing Christian,” did not say anything like that. What he said was this:

Johnson stated that he loved all people, regardless of their lifestyle.

It’s not about the people. I am a Bible-believing Christian. ‘… People were curious, said someone who asked me in the media today. Mike Johnson’s opinion on any topic under the sun.’ I replied, “Well, pick up your Bible and read it. That’s my view.” It’s my belief and I don’t apologize for it.

Johnson said: “That is my worldview.”

Kinzinger, however, gleefully accepted the bait when Cobert asked the set-up questions.

You know, the Bible is something I use as a guide in my life. I’m a Christian, right? I’m a Christian, right?

Kinzinger played the Taliban card.

I don’t represent a particular group of people more than others. That’s the basis of this country, that we will protect the existence of churches but that we won’t be a government that is based on religion.

The Taliban in Afghanistan tried to create a government based on religion. It’s fine to be spiritual in the government but it’s not okay for anyone else who is atheist, Jewish, or Muslim. This is a country of freedom.

Totally ignorant and unworthy to receive a serious reply — so I will not.


Adam Kinzinger continues to talk hypocritically about freedom, tolerance, and other unimportant things, even though he had no right to pretend to be a Republican in Congress.

You’re not a lone ranger if you are comparing yourself to the far-left Democrat Reps. Alexandria Cortez, Ilhan Tlaib, and Cori Bush as well as the other members of the “Squad”.