The Strange Reason ‘No Jews’ is Trending on Twitter


Twitter/X is a cesspool of hatred and threats. When I saw the trending phrase “No Jews”, I assumed the worst. I immediately thought of Nazi Germany, such as the image from the German Federal Archives. It reads in English: “Germans defend yourselves, don’t purchase from Jews.” This is from the early days of the Nazis when they were just starting out — before Kristallnacht and the concentration camps.

It was a job requirement, so I clicked “No Jews”, but what I saw was nothing like what I expected.

Gaza is not the worst place for Arabs, despite the brutal war that’s raging.

…at their own hands. Israel is a convenient diversion and an excuse for many in the Islamic world to ignore how poorly the “house of Islam” (Dar al-Islam), as it’s called, runs its affairs.

There are fewer lefties who care about the treatment of Syrians than there are those who complain about Israel’s treatment of Gaza Palestinians.

Lehmann also adds that a UN report indicates that “only 20%” of the food requirements are met by Yarmouk’s population. But the pro-Palestinian movements in the West are silent. There’s also silence in the Middle East — everything that goes wrong must be Israel’s responsibility. This is a convenient distraction.

“No Jews, No News.”

In Pakistan, meanwhile, 1.7 million Afghans are being expelled. This is roughly equivalent to the two million residents of the Gaza Strip. Imagine the outrage on the world stage if Israel expelled them to Egypt to finally buy some peace. Israel’s only hope would be that we cut them off. You can imagine a Joe Biden-led administration threatening Israel’s military with action.

As in every country, our own has a long history of discrimination, both legal and cultural, against minorities. What is the most dangerous place to be in the world, now or ever? It is being a Muslim living in a Muslim nation where the majority of Muslims are different than your minor Muslim group.

This tweet is a good summary of what I meant.

Violence between Muslims is already a horrible thing — no Jews are required.

Ralph Peters, a former Army intelligence officer and author, is right that violence will only increase if Hamas/Iran succeeds in wiping Israel off the map. In the afterword of “The War in 2020”, he wrote that “the destruction of Israel” would “less likely trigger Islamic unity than to completely dissolve it.” The Islamic nations in the Eurasian landmass, unable to vent their anger at the Zionist devil would soon rediscover that it is a holy and delicious mission to slaughter each other over trivia.

You can disagree with Peters’ assessment by looking at Yemen where this exact situation has been ongoing for nearly a decade. Yemen is both a proxy conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia as well as a launchpad for Iran’s sponsored international terrorism. Syria is in a similar situation, but closer to Israel.

It’s my job to give context and I feel I have let you down in this case. The threat of a regional conflict — or broader — in the Middle East has grown. Context is needed to fully understand the reasons why and why accommodating anti-Israel groups only exacerbates this danger. I’ll do my best to continue providing more context.