KJP Dodges Key Question on Biden’s Mental Health – What’s the Truth?


Joe Biden’s mental health has been questioned by a series of viral videos that show him in his senior moments. The White House is using the term “cheap fakes” to gaslight Americans.

The viral videos have confirmed what Americans already knew: Joe Biden’s age and cognitive impairment make him unfit to be president. What is the White House doing, besides claiming that the videos are fake and cheap?

Karine Jean-Pierre resisted saying unequivocally, but Joe Biden was well.

James Rosen, a Newsmax reporter, repeatedly asked Biden’s chief propagandist during Monday’s White House Press Briefing to confirm that Biden’s cognitive health was “fine.” She couldn’t or wouldn’t do it.

Are cheap fake videos misleading the majority of American voters, who have repeatedly told pollsters that they are concerned about President Obama’s cognitive fitness? Are you telling us that? Rosen asked.

Jean Pierre said, “I’m claiming that in the last few weeks, there were cheap fake videos which have been fact checked.” They’ve been fact checked — by conservative media, too — to prove that these videos were false. “They’re purp – purposefully altered.”

No proof has been provided that the videos have been altered in order to alter Biden’s behavior or actions, or the context of the video.

Here’s the part where things got interesting.

“So, he’s fine?” Rosen asked.

This is what I mean

“So, he’s fine?” Rosen repeated his question, looking for an immediate yes or no answer.

Jean Pierre repeated, “That’s — look –.”

Rosen repeated his question, “He is fine?”

“… the President has been able deliver more in three years and three-and-a-half years as president, than most presidents of today. He is able to accomplish this because he understands what he is doing. He knows what he’s doing.

According to the official White House transcription, she then repeated White House talking points and did not answer the question.

With the Inflation Reduction Act, he’s been able to ensure that we are tackling climate change — the climate crises. He has made sure we’ve been able to create 800,000 manufacturing positions, 15 million. He was able make sure unemployment dropped. He was able make sure that Medicaid could actually negotiate with pharmaceutical companies. This president was able do something that no president before him has ever been able do.

You can tell a lot about a person by their record. What you see right now are Republicans who, instead of discussing what I’ve just mentioned — what I’ve just discussed — they’re diving headfirst into these cheap fake video. It’s bad faith. This is what I am saying. They’re acting in bad faith. Many fact-checkers, including conservative ones, have checked the information.

She immediately moved on to another journalist.

It is telling that Jean Pierre couldn’t just say “Yes, he was fine” and had to resort the usual White House talking points regarding Biden’s past, which has ironically been fact checked many times.

Why not answer the Question?

We all know why. They may not admit that Joe Biden has lost it, but they do know it and attack anyone who asks the question.

We know what will happen next, now that the White House’s “cheap-fakes” narrative has been accepted by the mainstream: any efforts to report videos showing Biden’s Alzheimer’s disease will be likely censored or demonetized. This will threaten the ability of conservative journalism to survive and operate.